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GPS/Navigator - views please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I have an aging Aldi "Go Cruise" GPS. The OEM navigator software was a PoS so I "hacked" it and installed TomTom Navigator on it. However, its maps aren't updateable.

    Anyway, I've been looking around. Basically there are two brands, Garmin and TomTom which sell motorcycle dedicate GPS navigators. I'd like to hear from people who own any of the above and their views on the products.

    And with the Garmin, the early Nuvi bike navs had the ability for the user to enter in the bike's fuel tank capacity. Is this still the case with the current models? Do the TomToms allow this?

  2. Garmin zumo 660 let's you enter the range for a tank of fuel.
  3. I just bought a Zumo 660 and its awesome. At the pricey end of the scale, but the quality is there IMHO.

    Great screen, plenty of mount options included, and heaps of functionality. There's nothing I've found that its missing.

    The fuel metre is very handy :)
  4. I've been looking at the Australian made Strike GPS for a while now. Most of the same features as the high end units with a cheaper price.

    Still yet to decided on one myself though
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    I've got a zumo 350lm .. there are a few things that bother me about it, but in general it's pretty good..

    Bad bits. . Doesn't play mp3's/doesn't allow to bind another output to it's bluetooth to act as passthrough, doesn't allow much customisation (startup picture/home screen etc), the route planning software is a bit annoying to use, and it's hard (impossible?) to get it to follow a previous route without resorting to using the pc software. .

    Other than that, it works well for it's core task, it can be used even with gloves on, it's waterproof (I've tested it in a couple of torrential downpours now), it comes with everything you be to mount to most motorcycles, and the lifetime map updates are kind of nice to have.

    Like the 660, it's expensive though.. in a number of ways, I think the 660 was the better unit even though the 350 costs more ;(

    ETA: I can't find anywhere to enter the fuel range for the bike, nor plan routes around the expected range. :(
  6. Some of the reviews are a bit.. poor.
  7. Reviews of what? The 350? or the 660?

    The reviews that I've seen of the 350 say that pretty much that it does what it claims, but it's expensive for what it is. And I agree entirely. The TomTom that we have for the car cost half as much, seems to have more features, and more useful functionality - although it's not ruggedised/waterproof and didn't come with all the mounting accessories that the 350LM did..
  8. Sorry, 660.
  9. Sygic on your mobile phone. Regular updates, never had an issue with the Nav, live traffic for a small fee ....
    Yes, it would be small but depends a lot on whether you can squint and whether you mostly rely on voice or visual.
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    I have a Zumo 660, I have used it in all sorts of ways.

    they have come down a load in price recently, from $899 to $529


    They are an AWESOME unit !

    I checked out a bunch , including the aldi , before i got this.

    I'ts wired into the power on the bike, i have a mount on each bike and in the car to move it around.

    it does track mileage, fuel range etc. and a fuel button pops up , that you can hit and get guided to nearest servo.

    the new "LM" models, also have service tracking, you can hit presets for tyres, oil change, battery , service etc , and it tells you how long since each.

    you can store MP3's on this unit if you like and play them back via its speaker or bluetooth.

    You can record "tracks" of where you go and then upload them to your PC in case you want to know WHERE you went on that group ride !!


    you can also turn Tracks into Routes, so you will be guided through the same route again ...

    It records EVERYTHING, so you can see , your route, Height, speed, time , etc .

    you can google map a route and then convert it into a route for your garmin

    This rocks..

    Before I went to France, I created all my routes and took a memory card with me , put it into the Zumo they had there, and BOOM !

    you can also download/ share routes from others.

    You can also create custom routes on the unit itself, zoom in on a map and drop a few markers, and bingo, off you go.

    Another thing i do is set my required destination, and then ride, wherever, the ETA updates as you ride, so you know that at anytime you can turn around and head to the destination knowing when you'll arrive. :)

    Umm what else...

    you can set POI and favourites,
    bills house,
    pub etc.

    I also often glance at the screen to check the speed limit i'm in ..... v Handy.

    Set your fuel range to 1km, and the fuel icon is Always at the side of the screen, so , whenever you want it , hit the button for the nearest petrol station.

    works great with gloves on .

    So the zumo gets my vote, I have 20 custom routes on it , and more than 60 ride routes on the memory card that you can load anytime you want..

    any questions let me know.

    a few other netriders have these also ..

    paging I dont know how to do the mentions properly.. :( EDIT : fixed ... thanks gundy
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  11. Mentions work twitter-style now.. when you type an @, it starts auto-populating the name for you..

    arc, Biggles ...
  12. If you want to find nearby petrol stations quickly, you can also tap on the icon of your motorcycle on the moving-map display. This brings up the "Where Am I?" page, which provides useful emergency info, e.g.

    Nearest Address to you
    Nearest Intersection to you
    Your precise long/lat missile address

    And buttons to search for the nearest Fuel, Police and Hospitals.

    Useful if another rider has an off and the ambos want to know your nearest address/nearest intersection/precise location.
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  13. I looked at bike specific GPS units sometime ago and sadly the tests i read on how waterproof the devices really were at the time put me off of wasting that much money (I ride rain hail or snow) So in the end I got a Garmin unit and a waterproof case which has a handlebar mount, so for under 250 I have a good gps unit that so far as survived the downpours i have been in.

    I have no doubt the current devices have improved, just comes down to how much money your willing to spend, my garmin isnt great with gloves but really if you need to touch the gps, you should be stopped anyway :)
  14. I've been a long-time fan of Garmin GPSeses, but one pet-peeve of mine is that the new BaseCamp software just isn't as good for trip planning as the old MapSource software was. E.g. when rapidly duplicating and making variations to a route to see what your options are. BaseCamp does have some new handy features which MapSource does not, admittedly.

    And both of them feel a bit lacking compared to Google Maps when it comes to searching for addresses. Google will take a vague or not-quite correctly spelled address, or a house number being technically in the adjacent suburb, interpret it and do the best it can. MapSource and Basecamp demand absolute precision in data entry or they throw up their hands and claim the address doesn't exist.

    Kinda annoying because the physical GPS units don't suffer from the same limitation the desktop software does in that respect.

    I think it holds the brand back, when they're no doubt already suffering a bit of hurt from iPhones and Android phones being able to do basic turn-by-turn for free.
  15. The Zumo660 is 100% waterproof (rain etc) I have used it in TORRENTIAL rain (many many many times) , and it never missed a beat ..

    yeah , i hear ya ...

    Gmaps has problems in routing along dirt roads etc too , its painful than none are REALLLY good , but obviously, gmaps is closest.

    there is a handy how to guide on converting Google maps into working garmin routes.. I'll try and dig it up.
  17. Right up my alley ;).

    Zumo 660 ROCKS. unless you want to drive an iPhone 5 through it to a system or headset (software update coming).
    The only one I know of that needed fixing was actually dropped and run over by a truck :wtf:
    They come with bike AND car mounts/power, work seemlessly, play STEREO MP3's via BT or cable. at curretnprices they are an absolute steal. first stock order they were $1400 each :cry:.
  18. Yeah , I got a bargain at 699 ish when I bought mine.

    But, worth it's weight in gold !

    The "go home" function is great!
  19. Sygic on my s3 with a waterproof tough case mount. Works great and a lot cheaper and more useful than a dedicated GPS

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  20. Thanks for the replies, folks. Interesting comments.

    With the bluetooth functionality, would I be able to do the following:

    1. Have a Scala Rider headset paired to GPS and iPhone
    2. Listen to music/audio books/streaming media from iPhone
    3. Answer calls
    4. Hear instructions from GPS?

    And if not all of the above, what IS possible?
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