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GPS Navigation phones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Well im not exactly techno savy so this maybe old news but i got a new phone sent out today which has GPS navigation. At first i thought it would be another nokia scam but this actually works, and very well :shock: :cool:

    I was wondering is this the first phone of its kind (6110 Navigator) that isnt the size of a pda? I used it on my mates bike today and it was spot on and a pleasure to use.

    Just interested what else is out there and what kind of money (and not just a GPS unit, something like a small mobile with GPS ect)



    P.S. Here the phone i got http://www.nokia.com.au/nokia/0,,100728,00.html
  2. I got the same phone :)

    Its pretty good hey. Locks on very quick, within 30 seconds most of the time.

    I downloaded this lap time program for it for anyone that races.

    Havent fully set it up yet, im not sure if its compatible but i will try tommorow.

    You cant set it to start tracking you then drive around the track and it draw the track up on the screen then times you.

    Its called racechrono, i forgot where i downloaded it, but its free so if anyone wants it pm me.
  3. Interesting, i wouldnt mind that program if it works. the speed on the GPS is spot on, i used it side by side my mates one he uses which was some $1200 unit and only once they displayed different speeds (the phone said 140 the good gps said 141km/h)

    I have only been playing with it for a few hours but i was impessed it had all of tassie mapped (even car parks like McD's wth great detail)

    considering it is a good phone to start off with, having this feature almost pays for its self. i was going to be buying a gps soon for the bike now i wont bother :grin:

  4. I was looking at getting one of these phones myself.
    Just wondering if the GPS feature requires you to pay extra to the service provider for it to work?
  5. No as far as i know it works like any GPS unit, it is a free service. the only thing you will ever pay for is new maps to either update your local maps or for travel overseas.

    All the maps on my phone though seem very upto date and it covers australia and asia (plus you get a CD with the phone with extra maps and features which i havent looked at yet)

  6. A couple of questions; does this phone work on NextG? Secondly, if used on the bike how do you mount it and finally, how do you keep it dry?
  7. I have a Dopod P800W, yes it's a PDA phone, but small, with a big screen. Cost $1,200 with maps

    I need Excel for work, and Windows Mobile has plenty of other useful software.

    The phone I was waiting for was the Nokia N95 (GPS and 5MP camera), now released, but again a largish phone.

    Probelm with Nokia for GPS mapping is that they don't currently have a platform for Topographic Maps (unlike Windows Mobile) as PDA's have been used as GPS's for quite a few years.
  8. Tank bag
  9. Yes it supports the next G network and video calls ect. I got the nokia phone holder and did some mods to the back of it so i cold attatch it to my mates bike (i will do the same to my bike when it arrives), and as far as for wet weather i will just use a sandwhich bag but as toecutter said a tank bag would cover keeping it dry and also keeping it safe.

    My phone is insured for damage, lost and theft so i dont really care if i kill the phone in the wet or dropping it off the bike :oops: :p Just means i get to upgrade to the next model if/when i kill it (which is how i got this phone :LOL: )

    As fas as maps go nokia has given heaps of maps away wth the phone and i have only just started going through them, but i cant see anything else you could want from the maps, and considering it has mapped every nook and crany of tassie i would assume the rest of australia would be as good if not better.

    Also they said that maps and new software will be available soon from nokia

  10. Mazda are you with vodafone ? If so how do you set up video calls on this phone ?

    This is the link for the lap timer for s60 series phones

    I remember reading somewhere that you could still use the GPS without the simcard in, so its free.
  11. Nah mate im with optus, as far as setting up video calls i assume it would be similar to optus as in you ring them up and ask them to set it up and any settings you need they send to you via SMS.

    Cheers for the link :wink:
  12. Guys I just bought a Nokia N95. Should be here sometime beginning of next week. I know that the GPS systems used on the 6110 and the N95 are different.

    In case anyones interested, the 6110 uses route66. The N95 smart2go maps. When you get the 6110, it comes already installed with Australia maps. It also includes voice directions and active route re-calculation. You don't have to pay for any of this. BUT, if you want another countries maps, you have to pay for them.

    The N95 is different in that you have to pay for the voice navigation part. BUT, you can download any countries maps free. You can buy different length licenses to use the voice navigation. In short, if you don't have the voice navigation, you can still plan routes etc, but the phone won't tell you where to turn, and won't re-calculate if you stray off your chosen route.

    The old man bought a N95, I had a play around with it, the GPS seemed fairly good, locked on quite quick as well. But from what I've heard, the 6110 is slightly better overall. Plus its good that you don't have to pay for voice navigation, but bad if you travel frequently.

    I have a tank bag with a clear map cover, so I'll try just setting the route up, and then looking down at it every now and again. It should keep fairly well protected.

    Does anyone else have a Nokia N95? Had any experience with using one on the bike?
  13. So, you have to by a time defendant licence? If so, how long do they last for and how much do they cost?

    Sounds like it'd be cheaper to simply buy a dedicated navigator and run the mapping software in perpetuity.
  14. You can buy a 7 day license, or upto 3 years. I think the 3 year license is about $130AU. Remember this is only for the N95!

    Yeah, you could buy a standalone GPS unit, from what I know, they are a little better. They lock on faster. Also the address lookup is slightly better (more logical). Nokia navigation is pretty good. Remember that future Tomtom map updates are not free! So with any GPS unit, you'll be paying in the future regardless.

    When on the bike, I won't be able to hear it. So I'll just have to have a squiz down when I get a chance (that isn't dangerous).

    I needed a new phone. I was going to get a Tomtom, but then thought why not get everything in one device? Also the N95 has an awesome 5 megapixel camera on it, which can record damn good video. I love having a camera with me everywhere I go. Its got so many features on it, its not funny.

    Beats carrying a standalone GPS, camera and phone. But thats just me. Plus its my birthday coming up, so I wanted to treat myself :D
  15. I have this phone, Nokia 6110 Navigator. Does all but make me coffee

    Only biatch I have about it is that the G network, pretty slack in this part of the world. Hell even the vid calling doesnt work. But then this is not a problem with the ph, its the carries ( same would be for all carries up here )

    Oh and another thing .. I put the latitude & longitude in for Phillip Island, & the track pops up near Frankston. ( can someone explain that one to me )

    Your given the option of voice or video when you go to make the call
  16. I'm wishing I didn't buy my digital camera, mobile phone and media player now. :cry:
    Damn the speed of technology!
  17. Hey, a standalone GPS unit, a standalone camera, and a standalone MP3 player will all do their respective functions much better than one of these gucci phones. Its just nice to have it all in one package, thats always in your pocket!

    I always use my old phone to take photo's. It'll be nice having the N95's 5 megapixel camera always on me. Plus it takes good video.

    Anyway, I'll let everyone know how it goes when I get it. Should be getting in here Wednesday.
  18. well paid almost 500 for a camera that I've used 2 times since may. And I've done nothing with thoses photos really.

    Damn the impluse buying.
  19. I'm tossing up between getting the 6110 now (I need a new phone, smashed my old one) or just using an old one until the OpenMoko neo1973 gets released in October.

  20. just to let people know, i went into a few phone stores today and for the nokia n95, yes there is a payment for the voice commands on the gps but it is not a annual subscription. there is only a once off fee of something around $115 so all this talk of 1 year or 3 year subscription is wrong. the guy at the phone store showed me the email from head office and it explained that there is only a once off payment.