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GPS mounts & GPS units - Yamaha YZF-R3

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Krazy Kiwi, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. I'm new to motorcycle riding. After having a few lessons I purchased a Yamaha R3 and despite having a couple of learner hiccups, I'm slowly getting more confidence.

    I'd like to put a GPS on my bike at some stage or another but I don't know anything about GPS mounts etc.

    So I'm curious to find out what people's experiences are with GPS mounts and GPS units.

    Does anyone here know what GPS mounts fit onto the Yamaha R3?
    And do people tend to use their phones to mount on their bike or do you prefer using a proper GPS gadget? If you prefer using a GPS specific gadget, what's good and what's good to avoid?!

    (PS: I hope I've posted this in the right spot!!)
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    THIS seems to be a popular choice, check them out. Not sure what best suits your R3 but there'll be something that'll work for you.

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  3. Depends on your device too. I have a Garmin car GPS I use. And a $2 eBay plastic handle bar mount for it. Works a treat. But if you use plastic, be prepared for it to disintegrate one day to to elements and or vibration.
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  4. Yes I can imagine plastic not lasting too long a time on a bike lol ... I'm new to motorcycling so am trying to learn some basic motorcycling mechanics myself, and being able to do some stuff myself (I want to be able to change the oil myself etc).

    I've just found this website that do motorcycling mounts ... they have custom ones, but none for the R3 yet, so I've emailed them asking what they can come up with for my R3:

    Motorcycle GPS Mounts for BMW, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha Suzuki - mounting solutions for electronic devices | MotoGPS | Clamp mounts, GPS mounts, RAM mounts | motogps.com.au | Australia

    I'm not naturally mechanically minded so I need to make a special point of learning it slowly and surely!
  5. Ram mounts are the way to go, then i'd suggest going to jb hifi and having a look at gps units - i suggest something that's simple to read (I wouldn't bother with the fancy ones that show everything in 3d and show landmarks etc as it could get confusing when glancing at it) and small
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  6. Got one of these on order
    Brash Imports
    Based in Melbourne, great to deal with, you can ring David and discuss your needs, also had a headset ordered which he is waiting on new stock, he was prepared to source one from another supplier if I needed it in a hurry.
    Won't cost you an arm and a leg, I'm running the same nav system in my 4x4 also from Brash Imports and it works great.
    Just be aware - these same units are available cheaper on fleabay but DONOT include maps which you will have to source youself. Brash Imports do include maps and can also install ozi explorer maping as well
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  7. I get a lot of spare RAM mounts with my job. I'm going to use the spare bolt hole on the handlebars to mount to. I think it's the spot for mirrors if they were mounted to bars.
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  8. Funny how this thread turned up just as I bought a GPS for my bike.
    I have used RAM in the past and will be again for this one,Garmin Nuvi 2597.
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  9. I just bought the M10 top triple clamp ram mount, just gotta get an extension and ram X-mount for my Navman. Definitely give the Ram X-grip a look, it should fit your gps and also you can chuck a smart phone in it if you like. In fact alot of people use their smartphone for navigation so maybe you could save yourself some money there if you already have one.
  10. I don't like the idea of having my $600+ phone vibrating on my handlebars. So I choose to use a sub $100 GPS. If you do use a phone or Evan a GPS. You really need a waterproof cover of some sort as well. I use a glad sandwich bag :)
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  11. be aware that in NSW, "Learner and P1 drivers are not permitted to use any function of a phone while operating a vehicle"
    that includes a GPS function on a phone...
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  12. That's a good thing to keep in mind! I wonder if L and P1 platers are allowed to use GPS units (as opposed to the GPS function on a phone).
  13. I couldn't find anything that specifically said no..
    GPS is a "drivers aid", so as long as it is mounted properly... probably ok?
    if in doubt, check with RMS or cops..
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  14. Until the beginning of this year it was illegal in S.A to mount a GPS on a motorcycle !
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  15. Some of the variation in laws between the different States can be quite interesting!!
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  16. I just ordered my ram mount,should be here in a day or two.
    Will post up a pic of the setup when its on.
    Wired up my power supply today in anticipation :)
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  17. My ram mount turned up today.The handle bar mount I already had.
    I've used these before and swear by them.
    Here are some pics.
    Cradle,short arm,base and handle bar mount.
    Rubber to protect bars.
    Bar mount.
    Cradle mounted.
    With GPS.
    All done.
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  18. Good way to use the RAM mounts on the YZR-R3 not my video but I have brought all the parts for it!
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