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GPS Maps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, May 30, 2006.

  1. Anyone know where I can get an Australian Map for my GPS.... It has Belarus on it at the moment. :-(

    Its a Garmin StreetPilot c320.

  2. tracks4Australia is a Yahoogroup that centres on user input into a mapping setup for Garmin devices.

    It works in conjunction with Garmin Mapsource which is an environment for products like Trip and Waypoint Navigator, the basic software that comes with Etrex Legend GPSes, or City Navigator or Metroguide.

    The basic tracks4Australia map is free, but doesn't contain as much detail as the "pro" version which costs around $50.

    The maps are based on data, waypoints and tracks that contributors upload to the organiser of the Yahoogroup.

    I run the basic map on my Etrex Legend C. A mate uses it on his as well, and found it useful when doing some off-road riding between Licola and Dargo in Vic's NE high country recently.

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tracks4australia/ if you're interested.
  3. Its a garmin handheld ull need the garmin proprietary maps... they can be bought directly from www.garmin.com.
    I love garmin but the fact that they are not compatible frustrated me though they are no making units with different chips.
    Any questions on gps i can get you answers, I use handhelds, my laptop with gps hookup and gps in light a/c from basic through to the garmin 1000 (what a unit that baby is) :grin:
  4. So I cant "borrow" a map is what your telling me? Whats the best map for Australia.. or is there only 1? $125 seems a bit steep for a friggin map. :shock:

    ...(obviously I am new to GPS units) :wink:
  5. Unfortunatly australian map data is extremely expensive us or euro map data is about 50Aussie but aussie maps are around 400 to 500 for legit garmin maps and they are hard to "borrow" (i've looked) i've "borrowed" the garmin world map but i couldnt find aus...
  6. When you purchase Garmin maps, they come as a product called "Mapsource". Now, this can incorporate various products such as Trip and Waypoint Navigator, Metroguide or City Navigator.

    Trip and Waypoint comes with the Garmin Etrex Legend C (color). When it installs you can upgrade it to the other products listed above. Or you can download for free, the tracks4Australia product, once you've registered on that Yahoogroup.

    The maps need an unlock code before they can be installed on the GPS or indeed run on your PC. I've got a copy of City Navigator (Australia) purely for research and educational purposes. It's locked so when I try and zoom in on it, the street level detail isn't displayed. And because I don't have a GPS unlock code I can't upload it to the GPS, unlike the tracks4oz map which I did upload.

    Now, if you do purchase a Mapsource product, you have to consider whether your GPS supports auto-routing or not. If it doesn't, then stick with the cheaper Metroguide. If it does, purchase the City Navigator which supports auto-routing.

    What's "auto-routing"? I hear your say. Well, if you're at home, say, Mordialloc. You want to go to say, Healesville. You punch in your route. Home for start and Healesville for finish. It'll then calculate a route to there following the streets and roads. It will also give you directions en-route. Non-autorouting GPSes don't do this. They'll simply draw a straight line between the start and finish points.
  7. Perfect explantion... costs $$$ to unlock garmin shite...