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GPS help please

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by oldmanriver, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Im looking at either the Garmin Zumo 220 or Zumo 550. Can anyone tell me good or bad about these? Zumo 220 looks quite a bit smaller but appears to work the same. Any preference? thanks

  2. Re: GPS help please

    https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=135&compareProduct=65210&compareProduct=414 <-- Side-by-side comparison.

    They're similar. Both touchscreen, both the same size screen, generally similar capabilities, except:
    * Zumo 550 has an MP3 and audiobook player function, and there are a few physical buttons on the exterior of the device to duplicate frequently-used controls like "Back", "Home screen", "Repeat last prompt" and so on. The 220 uses the touchscreen for everything except on/off. Some folks like having physical buttons for those rather than having to faff about with the touchscreen for basic things.

    * Zumo 220 has a better battery life, weighs less, etc, and has a few "fancy" functions the 550 doesn't, like Lane Assist and the "Where Am I?" page.

    Is battery life important? Both ought to be powered directly by your bike when they're in the mount, so it's not that important IMHO. Well, unless you're going to be using it off the bike a lot or don't want to run the wiring.

    "Lane Assist" is a feature whereby it shows a modified photograph of your upcoming turn on major roads/freeways, greying out the direction you should not go and showing clearly which lanes you should use. Not essential IMHO.

    "Where Am I?" page is a sort of a quick-reference 'something is wrong and I need to know where I am RIGHT NOW' button. The user 'taps' the screen where their vehicle is shown and a page appears showing: Current lat/long, nearest address, nearest intersection, etc, and presents buttons to find Fuel, Hospital, and Police. For example, if you or one of your riding buddies has a crash, you can select "Where Am I?" and have information to give to the ambulance rather than umming and ahhing about your present location, nearest address/intersection. Or if you're nearly out of fuel, the nearest fuel station, etc.
  3. Re: GPS help please

    The audio can't be used on a 550 unless it is hooked up to a powered mount, not that i need to hear it, but it is crash proof. I can't say the same for the cradle so make sure it's insured.
    The 550 also comes with Map Source software that lets plan long trips on your computer and then download them to the GPS. This feature is why i bought it over the others.

    Haven't used a 220 but that "Where am I?" funtion is a great idea.
  4. Thanks for the info. Is it possible to use Map Source software with the 220?
  5. the 220 looks much better - love the "where am i?" function!!!