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GPS from USA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Just been looking into the possibility of purchasing a GPS for the bike from the states to cash in on the excellent exchange rate at the moment.

    Both the Garmin Zumo and the TomTom Rider are almost half price when bought from the states.

    But there's a problem... does anyone know what the story is in terms of loading and software/maps/settings that would be required for use in Australia?

    Help from the tech-savvy appreciated :grin:
  2. No problem as such LOADING the maps but the Aus will cost about $270.00 then your charger (mains one) will need an adaptor, and support will be hard to come by if repairs are needed.
  3. It doesnt always pay to get stuff from the USA
  4. If you buy a GPS like the Tomtom from the US it will come with maps for the US, requiring you to purchase local ones - which is expensive!

    However ask the right person nicely and I...*cough*... oops I mean he might be able to hook you up with the maps...

    The only other concern is warranty issues if you don't buy locally.
  5. That would be my major concern. I'd be researching the products, say, Tom Tom Rider and Garmin Zumo to see what their reliability is like, what problems that they have, etc.. If then they look to be a solid product, then you can take the chance.

    As for cost of maps, they're over $300 when I last enquired, for TT. Garmin Mapsource City Navigator is closer to $400. So, that US sourced bargain suddenly may not look so flash.
  6. The unit itself will work anywhere on the planet, it will download any timing/date/postion data from any satellites that it sees, but as others have said, Ausmap etc cost a shitload of cash.
    You just load the new maps in via a USB connection between the GPS unit and your PC BTW.
  7. My uncle Torrents can get the maps for free :wink:
  8. Don't do it!!!!!!

    It will direct you to ride on the right, causing you to crash and die horribly :shock: .

  9. Tom Tom maps are available (pirates!) on Ebay for about $10 per CD.

    Of course, I don't use these, cough cough.

    Look for GPS POI. Not sure about the Garmin though.

    I use a PDA with a GPS receiver, that talks to my Starcom system (Thanks Netrider and Dale) and then to my helmet.