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GP's first interest and fave rider?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Yep, Freddie was the man for a while. If you watch the 89 Philip Island race, you can see him catching the leading group, until he lost the front at Siberia.

  2. Due to my relative youth and inexperience I first became hooked on GP racing after watching the first Australian 500cc GP with my brother and father; the battle between Gardner and Rainey for the lead was intense and addictive!

    I also used to enjoy watching the Australian Superbike Series when it was run in conjunction with the Shell Australian Touring Car Championship.

    I've always been a patriotic fan of the Australian riders such as Gardner, Doohan, Beattie, West, Stoner and Vermeulen etc, but I have to profess to also being a fan of Schwantz and Rossi.

    Rossi's feats are nothing short of incredible, along with the fact that his vivacious humour and personality has breathed some life into the championship.


    "I live my life a corner at a time..... Knee down!"
  3. It's Jeff Sayle.
  4. yes, Sayle did say that and I think you may know the context he said it in.
    But I believe J.S. is playing lawn bowls these days and Wayne Gardner is still winning races down at The Island. Believe he was outright winner and won each of his classes at the Island Classic last week end.
  5. SBS telecasts in the mid 80's and some films a mate bought back from europe.

    Fave rider is Kev Magee, may not have been world champ but he made racing look like fun,
  6. When I was very young, my father's tale of Harold Daniell's 91 mph final lap of the 1938 Senior IOM TT to snatch victory from Stanley Woods. Now that's the kind of bedtime story kids should be brought up with.

    Finest rider I ever saw:- Tetsuya Harada.
  7. Growing up, my parents exposed me to the excitement that was 500cc in the mid 80s. Still remember them going to the first race down at Phillip Island :)

    Over the years have followed the championship on and off, but have been following MotoGP again over the past 2-3 years comprehensively.

    Have had many fave riders over the years, from the old school (well, old school for me ;) ) Gardiner, Schwantz, Rainey, Doohan but in the more recent times, Rossi, Gibernau and the villian Biaggi. Currently, Hayden has my vote, with Lorenzo and Edwards a close alternative.
  8. Goodonya mate. Stay interested.
  9. don't have to worry about that :)

    addiction is here to stay ;)

    can't wait til end of the month for the next adrenaline rush from racing - good ole superbikes at PI
  10. He might want to leave it in the past. It was said 25 years ago.
  11. 25 years ago, now that makes one feel old.
    Gentleman dont always believe what you read in the press.

    PS have given up the bowls, got too old, now playing soccer, oops football, instead.
  12. Much safer. More people die playing Lawn Bowls, than any other sport.