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GPS Data logger ........ Geek toy or useful tool

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by oz_johnno, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Howdi,
    I was talking to a colleague at work who was telling me about geo-tagging. Apparently you use a GPS data logger which takes your position every 15 sec, stop where ever you want, take pics, have lunch or whatever and at the end of the day you can download your pics onto your computer and a piece of software will take the info from the datalogger and match it to the time stamps on the pictures.

    The net result is that you wind up with your days route uploaded onto google maps along with all the pictures you took along the way, shown in the places you took them !! All ready to share with family or friends.

    Pretty cool huh?

    I was wondering if anyone had experimented with this.

    Here is a link to the device Im buying to play with.
    Click Here
    and the best part is, its only about $75 ex hong kong.


  2. I've heard they're also useful to prove you weren't speeding if you get snapped erroneously.

    For $75, why the hell not?
  3. Zackerly Loz, but the main reason why I was looking at it was so that i can remember where the hell I have been !!

    I went on a really nice ride with ulysses melb club a couple of weeks back, we started at lilydale, rode through the hills then down to wanthaggi.

    It was a great ride, but can I remember it all (lots of turn offs) NO PHARKING WAY !

    If this works well then I can log the trip once and repeat it whenever I like.

    Same applies if someone else has fav rides, this sort of tech makes it easy to share .


  4. i understand a lot of the ulysses club members have trouble remembering were they've been or who they are...?!?! something to do with advancing age :LOL:

    just joking there, i think they're a great club and one day hope to be able to grow old disgracefully and ride with 'em
  5. pretty handy i think, one of the canberra members recently got one for a trip they are on at the moment, it logs position every 15 or 30 minutes (switchable) not seconds though

    http://jasonjonas.org/spot/tripViewer.do?id=230 is the link to the trip she is currently on
  6. lol yeah that is true, but @42 i'm a 'junior' member. Tell you another thing Evel, some of those old guys are QUICK !!! they might be forgetful but they could easy blow your ass into the weeds :)

    naaaah different system, this one receives position only you cant call for help on it. the mp interface is similar though.


  7. nice toy...... might have to geek it up and buy one.

    edit: only if the chick in the camo shirt is included. :cool:
  8. for $53 she would have to be,surely.
  9. www.gpsed.com
    Sports Tracker (software for mobile)
    give these sites/softwares a try.
    i found out about them today, and didnt have the time to try it on my cellphone yet.

  10. I know how you feel - I had exactly the same problem and got a GPS instead - which also records your ride path (can also be viewed on google earth). The added advantage is that I can now also just "follow my nose" when I'm out and about looking for new unexplored territory without worrying about getting lost. At the end of the day when its time to go home, I just hit HOME and it works out how to get there. I can also reload a good ride path and follow it again later without having to remember where it was. I'm happy with the GPS (although more expensive) but had I known about the product you mentioned above, I might have got that instead!
  11. tried Nokia Sports Tracker today morning, and it works like a charm.

    this is the result of my experiment >

    you can also export/upload the data for google earth and geo tag it with pictures and other media information for the route. Also u can export this data for any gps device format to retrace this route.

    Gonna give the remaining two a try later today.
  12. I have a Qstarz Q1000 Platinum and took it around Argentina and Peru with me.

    They are an excellent gadget. Each of my photos is logged and you can see all your photos on a map. I tested some photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8106972@N07/map/

    Keep in mind they have limited memory in them - so for long trips you need to take a laptop to keep backing up the data.
    Also, the smaller the unit, the smaller the antenna and therefore the less precise in more built up (or bushed up) areas.

    With the model I have you can get it to log down to .2 of a second intervals so you can use it for timing your laps (or as proof of the highest speed you have reached on your bike/car - so I've heard).

    Also, if the logger and your phone has bluetooth and you have a data plan you can use it as a ghetto GPS with google maps. :)
  13. LOL! Just bought one off eBay! Have been thinking one of these would be great, but didn't know they were so cheap. At least now, when I go out on rides with some mates (who always know where they are going), I will be able to find out exactly where I have been... :)

  14. That's a SPOT. It does tracking but it also has the ability to send a distress signal when in trouble... under $200au and the '911' feature has been tested by an Australian advrider.com rider and it worked as expected.
  15. Hi there Fab,
    Thanks for the hints re the size of the device. This one is pretty small so Im hoping it will be up to the task. I have deceided that when we are on the road, I will be giving it its best shot by putting it in the top of my tank bag so that it can see the sky. I have a eee pc with me that also lives in the tank bag its small (7 inch screen and weighs less than a kilo) so I reckon I can download the info every night ready for the next days riding.

    I wish I had it now though, Im just waiting on a call from the ball and chain, we''re off down the GOR this w/e for our first aniversary.


  16. *nodnods*

    GPS signals, while very weak, will penetrate plastic/cloth/glass nicely, so don't worry too much about having to have it in the open. Just so long as it doesn't have metal things above it. :)