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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GForce, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. i am getting my bike fitted with a set of dunlop GPR70s this sat. i was thinking of getting the GPR80s but they are not as good but get more distance out of them.
    my question is, is it worth it for my bike coz i ride it everyday. how much kms can i get out of these?

    its costing me 350 including fitting.

    plz give me some feed back or what you guys think.
  2. I only got 3,000 k's on my NSR on GPR70s before they were well and truly shagged. I switched to pilot powers which definitely seemed to be wearing better and never gave me any grief grip wise
  3. I've got GPR70's on my 250, quantum leap over the stock rubber. They do wear a bit quick, but they are sticky as. I can use much more corner speed, lean angle and heaps more brake than on the stockers and they never feel even close to letting go. $350 fitted sounds ok to me, I paid a little more!
  4. god damn!! only 3000kms? man i do that in around 4 months. oh well i give them ago and then maybe ill switch over to gpr100s. i heard they are the replacement for the gpr70s.
    two pot screamer, how hard were u riding with them on ur nsr?? i thought maybe if i take it easy, they will last maybe abit longer.
  5. I've got a GPR70SP on the rear of my NSR too and I've clocked over 3000kms on them now. They still have plenty of meat left... maybe it's because I don't corner as quick & hard as you do Bryan :LOL:
  6. GPR100 is the replacement for the GPR80 (but i'm sure thats what you meant.)

    I've just got one on the front of my little ninja. (I ordered the 80 but it came back with the 100 which i didn't pick till i got home)

    I haven't given it a good thrashing yet because i'm still scrubbing it in, but it feels a whole bunch stickier than the factory original, thats for sure.

    I've got an arrowmax (edit: not battleax) on the back, which is definately stickier than the original, but i'll probably go a gpr100 next time.
  7. I got more like 5500 out of the rear, the front is still ok at 6000, prolly got another 2000 in it.
  8. You'll only get about 3000 km's out of 70's (the rear anyway).

    If you want more milage without a huge loss in grip, many 400 riders run the a gpr70 front and gpr80/100 rear. I have run this combo and was pretty pleased with the overall grip versus milage.

    The 70's are super sticky, but I can wear out a set in a couple of hours at a hot trackday!
  9. I got gpr70s on mine 1 month ago and the difference in grip over the arrowmax's is amazing.

    However i've done almost 5000km's since they were fitted and they are already close to the tread indicator in the centre on the rear (Too much hwy riding).

    Probably get something a bit harder for the back next time.
  10. Damn... couldn't imagine getting serious sports tyres for a 250! I found my Arrowmax tyres had plenty of grip, but lasted a good 15,000km. Certainly no trouble cornering with 'em... ;)
  11. I'm getting a new set of pilot powers in a few weeks, I've heard and read they are one of the best tyres on the market.

    I've been quoted about $550 for the set.
  12. That may well be, but they don't suit smaller capacity bikes as they take too long to warm up, and these temperatures can't be maintained on the street. Stickiest road tyres available for sub-600cc's are the gpr70 and Bridgestone 090 (tread pattern looks wicked on these too!).
  13. I had GPR70's fitted to my ZXR250 about 4500km's ago, and I test them every day.
    They are a great tyre, and I'll be replacing my rear one within 1000-1200 more km's.
    The front looks like it could get to 9-10,000km's before I replace it, hardly worn at all

    I got alot more life out of them than I expected, maybe you'll be surprised too
  14. i hope they last at least 6000kms otherwise its gonna cost me alot a year.
    ill let you guys know of what i think of them when i get them on.
  15. My rear tyre has also been the victim of quite a few burnouts, wheelies and lockups. Not to mention backing it into corners when it's still cold too.
    If I was a sensible rider, 6000+km's from the rear should be a peice of cake
  16. lol.... i cant believe you do burnouts on such good tyres.
    i havent seen these tyres on a 250 in adelaide yet but i bet they stand out when i do.
  17. I have to do burnouts to even out the treadwear in the middle of the tyre, hehehe
  18. I use to get a set of second hand GPR70's from http://www.graememorrismotorcycles.com.au/ in Newcastle many years ago. Even when I moved to QLD I would get them to send me a set via Austpost for an extra $20.

    They would use them on RGV's around Eastern Creek and sell them for around $200-$250. Sides worn nicely and the centre untouched, exactly what I needed for my Suzuki Across.

    They are simply the stickiest tyre you can get for a 250. Take sweet stuff all to warm up and a hell of a lot of fun to ride on.

    Highly reccomended. :)
  19. Do you mean they sell them to the RGV riders at Eastern Creek for that price or they sell them used for that price? :?
  20. I'd rekon he means to him :wink: