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GP weekend three-day ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sproulie74, Oct 22, 2015.

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    GP Weekend three day ride - Had an awesome three days riding around the beautiful Northeast Victoria. Covered both Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.

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  2. I guess you are going to say some more on the subject?
  3. Sorry trying to work out how I upload images to the thread. The help sections says click the upload file button but I can't find it.
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  4. I don't think you have made enough posts to be able to upload photos.
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  5. Yes you have to wait until your account upgrades to Member status. The banner under your avatar will change to orange when that happens. You should be able to host pictures off site and link to them prior to that. Welcome to the forum. Keep posting and your account should upgrade within a day or so.
  6. Thanks for the update
  7. Welcome, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to the report.
  8. I can highly recommend the roads around the North East Victoria. With a mate on his Ducati 899 we headed down the Hume from Albury/Wodonga. Stopped off for fuel at Glenrowan which was a great relief. The twisting century roads beconned. We headed of to Whitfield and then to Mansfield where we meet of with 5 other guys who had made there way down from Griffith. After another fuel stop we headed back to Whitfield for lunch. From there it was off through Miliwa and through to base camp at Beechworth. Saturday morning brought us beautiful weather. We headed off to Myrtleford, Bright and the on to our first stop at the top of Mt Hotham. From there it was off to the fast flowing roads to Omeo for lunch. We had hope to come back via Falls Creek but unfortunately the road was closed. Oh well back to Mt Hotham we went. Coming down I had forgotten just how twisty and tiring the road was. By the time we got to the bottom we decided it was best to make our way back to Beechworth. Sunday day three was again great weather. We decide to head back to Myrtleford then turned of at Oxley and up Happy Valley. From there it was on to Mt Beauty and on to the twisty roads of Falls Creek. After a recovery stop at the top we headed down and then over Tawonga gap and back to Bright. After a quick fuel stop it was back to Beechworth and ready to watch the Moto GP. Unfortunately we we where greater by a town wide blackout. What where we to do. Luck was on our side and the power came back on 5mins before the race start, and what a race it was. It's definitely the best MotoGP RACE I HAVE EVER SEEN. From her it was a shirt ride back home to Albury/Wodonga. What a great three days it had been.
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  9. Pity you missed the Falls Creek route, The Bogong High Plains Road. It is a road that can get closed for snow even quite late in the season. Something for next time. :)
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    2015-10-18 11.46.00. 2015-10-16 12.14.42. 2015-10-17 12.23.57.
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  11. 2015-10-17 09.14.35. 2015-10-16 14.57.18.
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  12. You know red bikes go faster by default, yeah? It's all in the colour I think...

    Looks like a great ride!
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  13. Looks like a great ride...
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  14. Hey Mark, good pics mate. Was a awesome weekend, we'll have to do it again