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GP, TT3D, Fastest, MC Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. It's always good to be a motorcyclist, but I'm seriously overdosing on awesomeness of late! So, last weekend I did three days at the MotoGP, this weekend TT3D is on at the cinemas, two weeks later Fastest is on the Cinema and then two weeks later the Sydney Motorcycle show! And to top it off my little girl turned 8 today and now she can "legally" jump on the back. Ahh, it's great to be alive. Thought I'd share my moment of bliss.\\:D/

  2. congrats on the little 'un getting legal ;)

    i too was at the motogp and had an awesome ride today... both those films looks good!

    bikes ftw :)
  3. Looking forward to seeing both those movies. I didn't know about fastest but I've seen faster and I love it.
  4. Dont forget this weekends forecast of 27 degrees and clear blue skies for both saturday and sunday :D:D:D
  5. And I just today won a free double pass to TT3D. :dance:
  6. how?](*,)
  7. It pays to be old, sonny! :D It was through the Old Fart Riders magazine ... Australian RoadRider. They gave away five double passes; you just wrote in (on the website) and answered a question and :biker:
  8. Awesome. TT3D was amazing. Hadn't heard of Fastest (thanks for that) but will check it out.
  9. went to TT3D last night best shyt ever.... also just pre ordered FASTEST tickets.. cant wait
  10. When TT3D finished, I just wanted them to press play again.
  11. Going to see TT3D tonight.... Cant wait.

    Oh it has been a BIG week in motorcycling!!!!
  12. i guess me being 50 next year isn't old enough?:D
  13. Saw it tonight with One and Snowman. Was good but would have liked to see more racing footage
  14. Yeah I was so disappointed when the bike went hard at the start of the film... only to see they had ****ed the camera angle and it was shooting the road about 20m in front of the bike... Could only see where he was going when he wheelied (which was quite a lot of the time actually :p)

    The 3D was really awesome and I'm converted now, 2D just wouldn't do the movie justice. The 'story' of the riders was also quite interesting. Urgh at the guy's leg at the end though :S
  15. best film ive seen in ages. i loved it. very emotional too. i admit i teared up at the story of the dunlops. and i so wanted martin to win... really like him now knowing how much work he actually does to the bike. imagine rossi pulling his moto gp bike apart to get a new swing-arm. a true enthusiast who loves all aspects not just riding. a man after my opwn heart, just as happy to be wrenching as riding.

    but i wish they had a full on-board lap of the tt, that would be an awesome use of the 3d.

    hope they make another one or three