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GP Rule changes for 2006

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. FIM Announcement. Changes To The GP Rules

    From Dorna Communications
    The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Claude Danis (FIM), Sito Pons (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA), in the presence of Mr Paul Butler (Secretary of the meeting), in a meeting held on December 14 in Barcelona, unanimously decided to introduce the following modifications to the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.

    Sporting Regulations

    1.25 Interruption of a race

    1.25.1 (add this new paragraph at the end of the article)
    At the time the red flag is displayed, riders who are not actively competing in the race will not be classified.

    Within 5 minutes after the red flag has been displayed, riders who have not entered the pit lane, riding on their motorcycle, will not be classified.

    Technical Regulations

    2.11.7 Helmets must be of the full face type and conform to one of the recognised international standards:

    Europe ECE 22-04 & ECE 22-05 'P'
    Japan JIS T 8133 : 2000
    USA SNELL M 2005

    Medical Regulations Licence for Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
    All Chief Medical Officers (CMO) and Deputy Chief Medical Officers must be licensed. The licence will be valid for three years and will be issued by the FIM. Criteria and Procedure for obtaining a CMO licence
    Prospective candidates should apply in writing through their FMN to the FIM including their professional and motorsport CV and evidence that the below criteria has been fulfilled:

    Be a fully registered and appropriately qualified medical practitioner
    be experienced in the provision of Emergency Medical Care
    be experienced at motorcycle events and must have attended at least five National Events as CMO or Deputy CMO with confirmation by their FMN
    Have attended and successfully completed a FIM CMO Seminar and participated in at least one FIM event within the previous 2 years

    The Red Flag rule is obviously designed to stop a rider from jumping on a spare bike unless he can ride the broken one back within 5 minutes.
  2. All well and good, but I think I would favour the Speedway method of excluding the rider that causes a stoppage.
    In the case of Luthi's big moment, using the new system Gadea would not have scored any points, either - even though it was pretty obvious he had no hope of missing Luthi's downed machine.
    You can obviously not please all the people all the time, but at least this is more fair than the old way.
  3. How do you attend five events as CMO in order to get your licence, if you first need a licence to be a CMO? It would work for all existing officers, but in a few years time, this rule will prevent any new CMO's becoming licenced... or did I read it wrong?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't the racers all been wearing full face helmets for years now? I know they wore some interesting helmets years ago, but I can't say I have seen any open face helmets on the gp circuit lately.

    I don't know about the international standards part but I gathered all the racers wear top quality helmets.
  5. You didn't read it wrong, you just didn't read it all.
  6. Still not getting it.
  7. I didn't read the rule which says that everyone has to get out of Valentino's way when racing...... :LOL:
  8. I think the relevant word is "National". You have to have experience as a CMO at national level before you can be appointed CMO of a MotoGP event.
  9. :? You forgot the punch line??? :?
  10. I don't think the full face part is new. Think it's just updated to reflect the new SNELL tests etc.