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GP planning

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Drew, May 15, 2007.

  1. HELP!

    how do i decide what to do for the GP?

    I've never been to a race meeting of any kind before and want to get to the GP with Mrs Drew this year.

    what tickets do i get,Gen admission or Stands?? Thinking Gen admission would be ok but knowing me would end up lost in a sea of people

    What do Netriders usually do for the GP, meet somewhere as a group or just go individually?

    Could just take my chances i guess but if there is a NR group i think i'd be silly to miss it. :twisted:

    in a related note.... when is the best time to head to and back from the island?? Down Friday and back Sunday? or take and extra day or two off work and go down Thursday come back Monday? Do people go it alone or join the bike procession to the island?

    Anything else i should be considering
  2. Well I simply charge up the credit card, pack a spare pair of undies and head on down the Friday night. Buy tickets whenever, it doesn't really matter. Drink lots. Say hello to friends and watch loud bikes going rool fast. Head back in the middle of the bedlam on the Sunday night. All is good.
  3. Personally, I would'nt bother with "Stand Tickets"...too restrictive.

    I've done it both ways...just for the dau, and then for the week-end...brilliant.

    There will be plenty of NR riders heading down when the time comes - won't be too hard to slot into one of the groups.

    Oh...either heading down in the gaggle, or coming home in the gaggle is worth experiencing... :grin: :grin: ....don't miss that.
  4. All well and good, but a touch daunting for the unititiated.
  5. the stand tickets are pricey too, looks like it will be gen admission...just hope we find a good spot :)

    the mass bike ride would be fun i think
  6. I'd consider taking wet and cold weather mc gear and a hat for the sun.
  7. already got all those.

    will have to sort out how Mrs Drew is going to get there (car or pillion on another bike)

    Gues i just need pointers for the logistics and what goes on once i'm there.....i think accom may have been sorted though(need to double check that)
  8. There are beverage and food tents positioned at regular intervals.
    AFAIR, there were bag searches in the past. (No grenade launchers allowed. :p)
  9. We go general admin.
    Last year we headed down for couple of days :LOL: turned out couple weeks.

    People to see, places to go :wink:
  10. so basically i get there one way or another and just go with the flow??


    G: Bags will only have what we need for the day. So unless i decide to ruin Rossi's run for pole position i should be fine :LOL:
  11. I'm going to aim to be able to ride there this year.

    Mrs Drew can rub her titties on my back if I manage to be fit enough to ride there.

    Unsure at this stage if I'll go for Sat & Sunday or just Sunday.
  12. Mr Edgelett & I will be riding over, we've got siberia stand tickets for the whole weekend.

    rented a house & are sharing it with a couple of other netriders.

    hope to catch up with the rest of you buggers too!
  13. We're staying in our caravan (which will be taken down there before hand).

    I'm hoping to have the outfit back on the road by then so I may be in that rather than on the Bandit or the Guzzi :)

    Really it doesn't matter as much what sort of bike one has down there as you can't take the bike into the track like you can with the superbikes.
  14. With an offer like that how can I refuse :LOL:
  15. Drew - General admission's fine... You can take a couple of fold up chairs from my place - we'll get there early and bagz a good spot by the fence if you want. :)
  16. Sounds great to me!! :grin:
  17. After checking out my poll in this section, I'll think we'll go general admin again, but will definitely check out reserved seating for next year.

    if you havent got room for Mrs Drew with the accom I've got half of a queens size bed she could use. :p
    How's Mrs Drew at opening beers? :cool:

    Should make a time and place for all interstate netriders to catch up at the GP. :biker:
  18. Accomodation is all set :) Will poll for a Pillion seat closer to the time.

    beer?? whats that..we don't touch it..... Guinness excepted for those that insist it's a beer.
  19. There is the Annual Netrider Pre GP Dinner that is held at Bells Hotel each year.
    Typically on the Wednesday before the Grand Prix

  20. I think she's already drooling over my pillion seat bud :rofl: