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VIC GP Fun Police Targeting riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Fun police at it again no surprise .


    CASEY’s Highway Patrol will be out in force this weekend to ensure driver and rider safety for those heading to the Phillip Island Moto GP.

    Casey Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant John Felton said local police would be conducting Operation Campbell, which will see divisional highway patrol units patrolling throughout Casey and Cardinia.

    The operation will start on Friday and run through until Monday.

    “Each patrol unit will be tasked to enforcement activities designed to ensure road safety is a priority for everyone attending this event,” he said.

    “In addition to road policing, police from Casey will be out in force for the return ride on the Sunday after the Moto GP to monitor spectator behaviour.

    “In recent years the event has seen minimal trouble, something we are keen to continue this year.

    “While we don't expect any trouble we will have police resources in place to ensure the event is enjoyable for everyone.

    “We won't tolerate poor behaviour.”

    Sen Sgt Felton said the MRA Cranbourne GP Run wave off itself was expected to see more than 4000 motorcycles travel together to Phillip Island under police escort – so safety was paramount.

    “Take your time, enjoy your ride and have consideration for everyone else using our roads over the Moto GP weekend,” he said.

    “Wear appropriate safety gear and ensure your bike is roadworthy and mechanically sound.

    “Even though the GP Run will be under escort, riders need to maintain safe braking distances between bikes and continually concentrate on those ahead, around and behind you.

    “Don't get distracted and enjoy your ride.”

    Sen Sgt Felton said it wasn’t just about riders, but spectators to the wave-off also needed to take care.

    “Spectators are asked not to interfere with riders, stay well back from moving bikes,” he said.

    “Drivers are also asked to 'think bike' as the saying goes.”
  2. Legally appropriate means "Helmet and clothed sufficiently that can't be charged with public nudity"

    Somehow I think he is implying more...
  3. Does this mean that there won't be any cops in the spurs this weekend? :cheeky:
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  4. Someone needs to organise a speedos and thongs convoy.
  5. I would support budgie smugglers, but im not going to the GP (sad face) so won't be taking part
  6. Think what? Think bad things about bikes? Bah! This police discrimination enrages me!
  7. fender eliminator = canary
  8. I really hope they do the low-profile policing thing at the GP. Y'know, maintain a presence so people don't mono all the way back into Melbourne, get pissed and wipe each other out but just sit by the side of the road keeping an eye on things. I hope this style of policing still exists. According to NR it doesn't, but here's hoping...
  9. They've already warned everyone to make sure your vehicles are "roadworthy"... I suspect that you'll be sorely disappointed. It costs money to put police down there, so they'll be doing something to get the money back into the government's piggy bank (pun intended)...
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  10. was anyone expecting anything different?

    I'm hoping they don't go TOO canary crazy... none of my bikes have fender eliminators, but they all have pipes....

    isn't it sad shit like that even has to be considered during a "safety" crackdown.
  11. I saw a pic on FB of a bunch of sports bikes stopped in melb on the side of the road. One guy stopped with them looked older, rode a plain looking tourer wearing a grey textile suit and normal helmet. Oh yeh he had a gun strapped to his belt.
  12. sorry my bad.
    we'd ridden through frankston and i forgot to put it away.
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  13. Pulled over to reload?
  14. Rode down today and back just one unmarked car pulling over a driver and one on the way back .
    Road surface was ok no big pot holes . A number of uneven surfaces which have temporary signs worse on the way back