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Goz's boob apron (NWSF)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kermie, Feb 11, 2011.

  2. Ooooo boobies, but why hide something that shouldn't be hidden
  3. FFS, if you don't want men looking at your tits, don't buy a low neckline blouse / shirt / top, birdbrain. I really get sick and tired of having to avert my gaze because some two-bit slut decides she wants to grab just enough of your attention to make herself feel empowered, but not so much that she feels objectified, with absolutely no consideration whatsoever for how it interferes with your concentration on your livelihood or personal space.

    BTW, great vid blackster. (y)
  4. Nice tits...
  5. How exactly did you stumble across such an invention?

    Searching youtube for boobies again?
  6. The regular flow of office pRon has now been firewalled, so as depressing at it may sound, we have to resort to youtube to gratify our boobie urges.

    Actually, I borrowed it off a fellow rider and thought of Goz; I guess I'll have to ask him how he came across it.
  7. To be fair to the ladies though, you gotta sympathise.

    You know what it's like. You're at Hogsbreath on a hot day so you whip your meat and two veg out the leg of your shorts to air 'em and everyone starts staring.
    Very uncomfortable.
  8. Oh I know, I always get that when wearing my loin cloth, which is just narrow enough to show a bit of side-penis. It also has glittery eye-catching writing on it, but if anyone looks I say "OMG you pervert"
  9. This sort of shit should be outlawed.
    It's like the girls have writting or glitter on their tops and get offended when you look at it. Mind you I would be looking that their boobs any chance I get because BOOBS ARE AWESOME!!!