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Goyamoto leathers - any opinions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by D955, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hi - has anyone had experience with Goyamoto 1 piece leathers?

    A bunch for sale on "you know where" at under $300 - seems cheap so I wonder about quality/longevity?

    Comments welcome thanks!

  2. Probably no worse than any other shitty leathers manufactured in pakistan.

    If you want good leathers, made by professionals, you have to pay accordingly.
  3. Totally agree :) With motorcycle gear you do get what you for.
  4. Just found this thread via a google search, I have been racing in goyamotos last model of race suit with the Ti only on the shoulders and knee fronts. So far I have crash tested these leathers on T3 and 6 at Morgan park raceway and the exit of bus stop at lakeside raceway. Probably sliding a total of 40m on the bitumen has only resulted in some scuffing and 1 small hole on the forearm on top of the armour which was quickly fixed by Micks fix leather repairs who commented that the quality was as good as any he had seen.

    So in short these leathers are awesome and I would be purchasing again if Ricondi wasnt doing such good deals on custom suits.

    Just thought Id bump the old thread for archive purposes.
  5. You could always cut out the middle men and go to alibaba.com
  6. have you seen the exact leathers on alibaba or is it just speculation.
  7. Yup. Pretty much all the Sialkot manufacturers trade on alibaba.