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Gowanloch Ducati.....I'm impressed.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Some of you may recall that back in early June I bought a Ducati, a pretty rare one in fact, a 1989 900SS, of which only around 1800 were ever made. Now the one thing missing from that bike was a single seat cowl, which I think makes the bike, and I really wanted one. Unfortunately that is not as simple as it sounds, a rare part, for a rare bike, that hasn't been made for almost 18 years. I contacted every purveyor of 'classic' Duke parts that I could find, in Italy, England, Holland, USA, Canada, Germany, and even Japan! All to no avail, what I wanted just didn't exist.

    Now of course I contacted the Aussie ones first, and Gowanloch was one of the earliest. They responded quickly saying that they didn't have one, and in fact had never seen one, in spite of being one of the oldest Ducati suppliers in Oz. I spent the next 3 months flogging a dead horse, nobody had one, anywhere. I did find one in a place in The USA, but when it arrived it was for an 851, not a 900SS, and had to be returned (at my expense).

    Anyhow, this morning I opened my email to find one from Gowanloch saying they had a 'brand new' unused original item waiting to be shipped to me. They had been searching on my behalf for three months, and had refused to give up until they found one. The price was 1/3rd of what the Septics wanted, for what turned out to be the wrong item anyway! Given that this could have been the last one in the world, Gowanloch could have asked pretty much whatever they wanted to, but they didn't.

    I believe first class service should be acknowleged, and these guys will be my first port of call for anything I need from now till doomsday.

    [I am not connected with Gowanloch in any way, shape, or form, other than being a very satisfied customer.]
  2. That's awesome...

  3. It is amazing what Gowies come up with :!:
  4. wow now thats customer service!
  5. Its nice to hear a really great positive story.... :grin:

    We're often quick to grumble - but slow to praise...but it seems like they have done an outstanding job... :grin:
  6. Good to hear,

    customer service lives on!!!
  7. Thanks Inci

    Just spoke to them about a replacement blinker for the Capo. Gonna call me back with a price so hope it's not too crazy.
  8. Gowanloch does kick arse.

    Mike and the guys are great.

    If you ever get the chance, stop on by and check out the workshop. The most impressive range of classic ducati's in all states of conditions.

    It's frigging sweet.

    Plus it really helps all of them there are ducati fanatics :)
  9. It's good service like that, that will make them famous.

    Three cheers for Gowanloch

    Hip Hip!
  10. This thread is useless without pics! :LOL:
    Come on, we all want to see it fitted!
  11. I'll warm the lubricant up...

  12. When it actually arrives, (It's due in WA mid next week), I will post pics, I promise.. :grin:
  13. You'll be held to that.

    The other forum I take part in "reminded" the cartoonist that there was supposed to be another camping trip in the comics. He did it (6 years after the first one) and grumbled about us having such good memories. :grin: