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Government's climate change strategy - the big picture

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. You see - they have the bigger plan!!!

    Howard and Turnbull are gearing up for the next ice age so are allowing things to heat up. They are making sure Australia can take advantage when the rest of the world freezes. Now that is some forward thinking.
    (VVVVVVVTIC if you couldn't tell - it is the internet afterall!)

  2. I was under the impression our policy was:

  3. Well Howard didn't believe in climate change and was calling it all false but now look how environmental and climate conscious they are now with all these advertisements at tax payers expense.
  4. That point of view is by Dr. Tim Ball, of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project.
    Tom Harris is the Executive Director and formerly Ottawa director of the consulting firm High Park Group.
    The Canadian federal Lobbyists Registration System indicates that High Park's clients include the Canadian Electricity Association and the Canadian Gas Association.

    That point of view is from an industry-funded body.

    It's like asking the NSW Liberals if they think Howard is cool... :roll:

  5. Have you actually seen that site If there ever was a right wing Neo Con site that's it.
    The only thing that bothers me with the whole global warming thing is that it appears to have become a symbol that all the mad hippies can unite behind now that nuclear weapons, Communism, and all the other main protest movements have collapsed, sometimes I wonder what they would do if America signed up.
    I sometimes worry what they are really trying to achieve...
  6. And keep in mind while bagging out Howard that he, and just about every other politician will go wherever they think the votes are. If the popular vote was currently with promoting the use of the Mankini in all social situations after 6pm, then Johnny and Kevin07 would be jostling each other out of the way wearing almost nothing at all!
  7. true.. thats why they both have no problem with the pulp mill in Tasmania. The voting power of tasie (in the senate) has everyone jumping.
  8. Fact is, the west can get as green and eco friendly as they like, it's all but too late to change anything, and with China and India (and probably Russia) about to get huge consumer economies, all of whom have said they're just going to pollute like mad, it's all said and done.
    So sit back and screw in your eco friendly lightbulbs, pretend you are actualy achieving something it's shuffling deckchairs on teh Titanic!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. :rofl: I could have bet millions of this reaction, and be filthy rich right now. What a mob of predictable eco-religionists some of you people are. Anything published, however unproven or unprovable it might be, that is funded by anti-US, anti-progress, anti-industry, anti-mining sources, etc etc, is, of course, gospel truth, and must be unquestioningly believed and preached. Anything funded by industry, or those evil worker-exploiting capitalists, is by definition wrong, and the people who publish those opinions are the spawn of satan.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, what mortals these fools be....
  10. But Paul, it's the current HOT issue, you have to be seen to be green!
    You have to buy a hybrid car(which creates more emissions to build and recycle than keeping your current car), recycle paper(but actually using LESS of it is just dumb) and buy five start dishwashers(but using a sink and a sponge is just silly!) :rofl:
    If you do the stuff in all the ads, bemoan anything that may be considered capitalism, you fit in.
    Too bad in 10, maybe 20 years, lots of dams will have to be built or people will die. What will the environazis do then? Teh real solution is less people, but no one is addressing that one..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Well, the Chinese are but you can't really call their methods palatable to Western sensibilities.

    Free love, man.......I just think it is funny that when Peter Garrett tows the party line, Bob Brown goes off sulking and whimpers "OOhh, I'm not going to be your friend anymore." What a cack!!! :LOL: Bugger Shakespeare, this is the best theatre going around.
  12. Yeah well, Bob Brown is the biggest green hippocrate around, so it truly is amusing!

    As for teh Chinese methods...it's sure a hell of a lot beter than mass famines.!

    Regards, Andrew.

  13. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Greg on this one. :shock:
  14. Yep, less people is the answer. We all need to start using our personalities as our contraceptive. I am not saying that we need to stop rooting, just stop the impregnating bit. Sounds easy, right??????
  15. You have to be kidding...