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Government to introduce road pricing?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Fli Performance, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Government to introduce road pricing?
    As long as bikes are free!

    Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is very pleased that road pricing has been placed on the tax reform agenda by the Secretary of the Treasury, Dr Ken Henry.

    Dr Henry has identified a number of lessons for tax reform, the first of which is that the case that is put for tax reform must be compelling.

    In seeking a case in the Australian economy, he identified one possibility – road pricing reform and he stated that “there would be few areas in economics where such a clear and rational set of policy directions have so consistently lagged in practice.”

    “Dr Henry quite rightly raised the issue of the community’s distributional concerns”, added the AAA’s John Metcalfe, and in this context noted that Dr Henry had quoted the AAA’s support for road pricing in its submission to the Henry Tax Review, as long as road users are 'compensated' by the abolition of fuel excise.

    “But compensation needs to be broader than this”, said Metcalfe, “with revenue from any road charge being dedicated to road infrastructure and public transport investment and towards addressing environmental externalities such as air and noise pollution and congestion.

    “If congestion charging is introduced as part of a reform package, motorists need to be given options for modal choice or travel times that ensure that they are properly compensated”, said Mr Metcalfe, “and while we are in favour of a properly structured road user charge, we reject a congestion charge being imposed on top of the current 38 cent per litre fuel excise as has been proposed by some parties," he added
    AAA also agrees with Dr Henry that road pricing will be difficult. “The way it is practically implemented needs careful evaluation and the community needs to be brought along”, said Mr Metcalfe, “but overseas examples show that it is possible and it is pleasing that the issue is now on the reform agenda.”

    And of course motorcycles and scooters should be free!
  2. If an additional charge (e.g. on top of rego) is necessary to fund road upgrades then so be it.
    But so long as people aren't charged for every vehicle they own.
  3. Thats what rego is for.

    **** the greenies are just pricing the fun out of life.
  4. This AAA mob, does it represent road users or some other group, perhaps industry with vested interests?

    And have fun convincing the powers-that-be that bikes should be exempt. If we got an exemption you can bet your balls every other road user group will be howling in protest.
  5. why? dont in the other countries with similar systems have exemptions for bikes?
  6. Your rego does not pay for roads. It funds the insurance for when people have accidents.

    Everyone complains that bicyclists don't pay rego so they shouldn't be on the road. I'm sure everyone would complain if motorcyclists were exempt.
  7. Yes, but most of those countries have a slightly less stone-age attitude towards bikes.

    Australia, as a whole, is an order of magnitude more hostile to bikes and biking than any other country I can think of. Two orders of magnitude compared to most of Europe.
  8. Other countries also have different attitudes to things such as speed, driver/rider training and licensing standards. And we'll never see the Australian governments ever going down those paths.

    About the only thing that they've been keen to adopt is the ridiculous "Vision Zero" concept which was introduced here in Oz by an academic from Sweden called Klaus Tingvald (sp?).
  9. Another Bureaucrat/scaremonger we are paying top dollar for, so that he can find more ways to increase the tax we pay.

    Here's a saving get rid of him and others like him and the governmant will save an absolute packet. What's his annual salary?
  10. We already have road usage charging!

    The more we drive/ride, the more fuel we use, the miore tax we pay.

    This is tax on a tax talk.

  11. Mmmm Kinky.. :p