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Government says NO to gay marriage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. yaaay and good on them...
    100% support from me



    this is what annoys me

    what makes them so special to DEMAND anything

    u mention gay on tv or radio, the gay rights sue them, they need to find their own country and make their own laws, make me sick

  2. %100 suport also
    i wonder for how much longer the "gay" will persist
    in trying to make a change in allowing gay marriage
  3. the only thing i see coming from gays is ME ME ME ME ME, GIMME GIMME GIMME, grow up and be the man and woman that you are
  4. Interesting that the Government refuses to allow gay couples to wed... but still classifies them as a couple for social benefits (Centrelink) purposes.

    The Government. Having their cake, and eating it too.

    If two people, regardless of their gender, want to show their commitment through ceremony and official paperwork... I'm all for it. It doesn't hurt me, or anyone else.

    Who am I to pass judgement that two people of the same gender cannot fall in love?

    Out of all the things we as human beings have to worry about in this Universe, this issue stands out to me as one of the most ridiculous wastes of time.

    I personally do not believe in marriage at all... I don't need a certificate to prove commitment to someone. Just because I have my view - doesn't mean everyone else should do as I think.
  5. Marriage is primarily a religious institution.
    De Facto couples have many, many, many of the same rights and entitlements as a married couple, and I don't think there's anything left that you can't elect to give your 'life-partner' with just a leeetle bit of paperwork through a lawyer.

    Gay and lesbian people reject adamantly the imposition of religious judgement on 'their lifestyle', yet pursue marriage... why?

    People just want what they don't already have.
  6. agree with you there, Bonk.
    the god-botherers hold the rights to the marriage concept

    i went to a nice, quaint little lesbian commitment ceremony when i was young. they had an older dyke in sister-act garb doing the nuptials, before they kissed and rode around the cycling velodrome where it was held (on a tandem bicycle one of them had built). i doubt they would have had as special a day if they'd had a 'proper' marriage.

    why would a gay couple want to get married anyway?
    my only theory is they've found themselves stuck on the fence, raised a god-fearing churchie, only to hit adolescence and fly over that rainbow.

    quite the predicament. yawn.
  7. The religious community might hold the right to religious ceremonies but that isn't the same thing as holding the rights to marriage.

    It's been the case for many years that civil celebrants can also perform marriages.

    I suspect most gay couples would be content if the government legislated to allow civil celebrants to perform civil ceremonies between gay couples that had legal standing.

    FWIW I don't think many of them would be looking to the churches to perform marriages anyway.
  8. I have no issues with a gay person getting married....just as long it's to someone of the opposite sex. :wink:
  9. +1

    personally i don't understand what the big deal is. So far for My wife and I the only difference between living together and being married is that we have another ring to gather soap junk under.

    But in a country the claims to be equal (even though it's a f*ing joke) they should have the same right to be legally recognized as a couple.

    I couldn't see many churches willing to marry gays.

    I like celebrants - I was married by one.
  10. I have not seen any arguments to support NOT allowing gay marriage.

    Arguments against it always seem to miss the point and be borne out of ignorance, bizarre logic and mostly fear. The us vs them attitude saddens me - people seem hell bent on imposing their views on others when it would do no harm to live and let live.

    edited wording
  11. I honestly couldn't care less if gay couples marry. It doesn't affect me.

    Perhaps its the anarchist in me, but the government should stop trying to pick fights.
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  13. I don't see why people get bent up about gays getting married. It what way does it effect them?

    As far as marriage being a religious ceremony, that's just cods wallop. People have been getting married since there have been people.

    I'm married and both my wife and I are Capital A Atheists. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with our or millions of other Australians marriages.
  14. 0% support from me, you xenophobic asshats :p

    You're very right, in terms of rights, etc. you can get the same with de facto, some paperwork, etc. So then theres no reason for us straight people to get married? Oh wait.. Get my point?

    As for marriage being a religious establishment, for sure it is. But are most people who get married in Australia that concerned with all that god business? They just want to be married. And just like Atheists or similar nonbelieves (or perhaps god forbid followers of a non western religion pun intended lol) marriage doesn't require a priest, church, etc. as others have already said.

    When it comes to gays/lesbians I have a simple policy of if it doesn't effect me I dont care, if ts not flaunted in front of me I have no concerns. How does it effect you? If the thought of gay marriage upsets you and you're not religious, you should be asking yourself why. And if you are religious, I'm not even going to bother (no offense, but being religious makes you both gullible and stubborn imo).

    /endtroll :rofl:


    Hey that sounds kind of familiar.. Prejudice is prejudice, regardless of who its aimed at its always disgusting.
  15. ps, just because relgions hijacked marriage, doens't mean they can claim the rights to them, and most are borrowed concepts anyway, eg, Christianity flogged most marriage rights from pagan rituals, eg the exchanging of wedding rings.
  16. Could give a rat's ass whether they can get married or not. As others have said, doesn't affect me, or anyone else, really.

    I DO have a problem with gay couples trying to adopt. That's just being selfish -- they can never have children, nor were they even biologically meant to. Why can't they live with that? Instead, they're going to subject some random kid into their desire? :roll: fcuk that.
  17. Yes, God forbid that the ability to adopt be based on the ability to provide a loving, supportive, caring family environment. Better we base it on the sexual preferences of the applicants. Sounds like a reasonable argument to me mate. :roll:

    Ah yeah, like loving hetero couples that have reproductive problems. Selfish bastards.

    Subject them to what, praytell?

    Edit: took out a narky parting comment.
  18. there is a difference between cant due to complications and never meant to. If men were supposed to have kids, be it via evolutionary or intelligent design, they would have a uterus.

    you honestly believe that a one gender (either) couple will not influence - intentionally or unintentionally - an adopted child to grow up with warped perceptions?
  19. See, this is the thing that means we probably can't get beyond this point in the discussion.

    Warped perceptions about what?
  20. only if they have warped perceptions themselves!

    my best friend in primary school's birth father was in prison and her mother died when she was born. she was adopted by her uncle and his partner.

    they gave her a far better life than her real father ever could have (by his own admission & he signed rights over to his brother)

    obviously there are some people (regardless of sexual preference) who should never have children. but i do not believe for an instant that having a different sexual preference makes you a bad parent!

    BTW my friend from primary school is married (to a man) now - sexual preferences are not taught by your parents if that is what you are getting at lilley.