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VIC Government Road Survey - do the survey!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by monkey600, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. All of you victorians need to answer this survey from the perspective of a motorcyclist.

    There are thinly veiled questions regarding "front number plates" and other topics where I feel motorcyclist need to step up and represent ourselves.

    There are also other questions on compulsory safety gear. Do ourselves a favour and jump online and fill out the survey.

    Survey Link here --> http://myviews.justice.vic.gov.au/?...m_medium=banner&utm_campaign=roadsafetysurvey
  2. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

  3. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    Done. (I might live in QLD, but my car and bike are still Victorian ;))

    Definitely some very weighted questions in there, and interesting to note that unlike most surveys they don't allow for and additional comments/clarifications.

    Bit worrying to think how most car drivers are going to respond to the question about whether protective gear should be mandatory for motorcyclists - especially since the question doesn't clarify what is meant by "protective gear" (some people may assume they're only talking about helmets).
  4. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    That survey is terrible. Terrible! Blurring of categories is horrendous.
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  5. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    Cut and paste from Pages 29 and 30 of the discussion paper:

    Some good stuff such as motorists driving more safely, but the inevitable pop at FNP's is risible and annoying.

    The references shown on page 29 are also a bit of a worry: they show the 60% FNP issue to be based on VicPol's submission to the RSC last year, which was shown to be flawed. I'd like to see something from VMC to refute this, and preferably as soon as possible to stop the traction that it seems to be gaining.
  6. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    I dislike our government so very, very much. ](*,)
  7. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    Another survey? And I am looking forward to seeing how they use these data to again prove that their thinking is right and the rest of society are wrong.

    With such biased questions it is no wonder they get the results they want. Looks again like they have got a conclusion and now need data to support it. Excellent scientific method. If I taught my students this method then they would fail parts of their VCE, but would be fully qualified to work in government.
  8. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    My car is still registered in Victoria, so I took the liberty of filling out the survey as well.
  9. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    There is nothing veiled in this survey - it screams of anti-motorcycle rhetoric.

    Perhaps the flogging of the TAC at the hearing has awoken the angry beast and this is but the start of an all out campaign by VicPol and TAC to vilify, criminalize and blame the motorcyclist victims. Hold on to your helmets guys this is going to get ugly.
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  10. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    "Futuristic"? FFS my $100 Chinese GPS does this, and it's already 3 years old (doesn't mean I pay any attention to it though ;)).
  11. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    Don't worry about helmets: it's our boots that make all the difference:

  12. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    Done, absolutely hate these surveys where they don't allow us to add our own opinion. Cant get a real solution when the only choices are the answers they want.
  13. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    If I only wear one boot does that mean my risk of injury is only reduced by 26.5%? :LOL:
  14. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    A few points.
    The Herald Sun article (and they are program partners in this, BTW) includes a few extra and interesting points of discussion including the fitting of speed (140kmh) limiters to all new vehicles.

    Clearly the introductions to each question set the reader up to answer in the desired way. But you still have the option of voting against that.

    Mandatory high visibility clothing is being flagged for cyclists as well motorcyclists. That's 'courageous'.

    The survey does not mention FNPs, it says 'same means of identification as other vehicles'. I read that to eventually mean RFID across the board (not just for motorcycles).

    They clearly want to know which issues are vote-changers, and which ones they can slide in without a reaction. Voting neutral is a de facto permission to introduce the measure in question.

    And finally, beware of the word 'education'. It doesn't mean sensible discussion, it means more TAC crash ads.
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  15. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    It's a clear example of a badly designed, biased survey. I agree with the previous comment that it's about gauging electoral pain.
  16. We must do the survey and somehow put our points across.

    Just for the record, I'm sick of these poorly designed biased surveys.
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  17. DO the survey. DON'T give them permission to do ANYTHING.
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  18. Re: Victorian Government Road Survey

    My 2003 Commo ahd overspeed alert. Soo futuristic
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