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VIC Government response: Inquiry into MC Safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maurice Blackburn, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. there's lots of 'in principle' and 'in part' support.
  2. Seems to want to channel an awful lot of finances towards 'off road' motorcycle crash statistics and bring them inline with 'onroad' statistics.
    ........... you also have to declare when you fart in the bathroom these days ............ and whose bathroom you farted in.
  3. Recommendation 25
    That the motorcycle safety levy be abolished.

    This recommendation is not supported
    As noted, the Motorcycle Safety Levy (Levy) has demonstrated its capacity to improve safety for motorcyclists and will not be abolished. However, the Government will continue to review the Levy on a periodic basis to ensure expenditure is appropriately targeted and that safety objectives are being met.

    What an absolute let down and disgrace! The libs have no balls and are clearly under the control of the parasitic safety industry.

    Recommendation 32
    That projects that do not adhere to the Strategic guide for expenditure of the motorcycle safety levy funding not receive funding, under any circumstances, but particularly those projects that propose to use motorcycle safety levy funding to pay for enforcement or Victoria Police operational costs.

    This recommendation is supported in part
    The Victorian Government agrees that projects funded by the Levy must adhere to the Strategic Guide for the Expenditure of the Motorcycle Safety Levy (Strategic Guide). Where there is an evidence base of using enforcement for improved road safety benefits, then it will be reasonable to apply Levy funds, provided it is in accordance with the Strategic Guide.

    Using our money against us is unacceptable.
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  4. No change in road rules in respect to filtering , learner test to include on road component ,

    Looks a bit piss weak and disappointing on first reading
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  5. no, the powers that be will never let go of a revenue earner PERIOD.

    What sort of evidence is gonna be ascertained that enforcement leads to improved safety benefits?????
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  6. Translation: "We know it's the right thing to do but we haven't got the guts to do it."

    The one glimmer of hope is they didn't reject it out of hand. Now it's a national issue rather than a state one.
  7. Do they realise how much angst is going to come out of all this?

    Boots - look like becoming mandatory - that sucks.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what reaction comes over it.

  8. Not all that much, I'm thinking. They are doing virtually nothing, and it's hard to get excited either way about nothing.
    There's a couple of very gentle slaps on the wrist for certain agencies but overall no challenge to their position. Just hoping it all goes away and business as usual.
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  9. Everything that costs motorcyclists money is basically supported yet anything saving motorcyclists money is not supported.

    See you Libs at the next election especially in the marginal seats. Change is in the air.
  10. No independent Data agency. The vampires stay in charge of the blood bank.
    The M-GLS will add to the cost of getting a license with no evidence to support it makes any difference.
    The Levy stays, forever.
    The Levy will still pay for enforcement operations.
    MAG will not report to the Minister nor have oversight of Levy expenditure.
    WRB stay but they’ll put padding on them after motorcyclists have hit them.
    ABS reduces serious MC crashes by 38%????? Based on WHAT evidence?
    Boots will be mandatory as per the results of the DoJ Road Safety Survey which became an Action Plan for 2013-16.
    Police will still be able to book MC for filtering.

    Couple this with increased TAC charges (also on the way) and we’re rooted.
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  11. So sweet fukkall in a nutshell, just as expected.
  12. Seriously? Oh you mean you'll be voting for the independents cause we all know Labour is just as unfriendly to MC and the Greens would ban it completely if they drove the ****ry.

    I think politics has far less to do with successfully getting a better deal than enbarrassing the government (the 98% of which doesn't change at an election) into something fair for everyone.

    It has become very clear that the GOVERNMENT is actually the agencies that do whatever the fcuk they want to do, and you can't vote for them. So the DoJ believes we're all crooks and should be outlawed, VicPol think we're all hoons and should be made to wear a steel skin and an extra pair of wheels, TAC think we're all reckless fools costing them more than we pay so they're set to fix that soon and VicRoads, well it's all just too hard isn't it?
  13. Exactly but it is more of a problem for the libs than it is for us.

    After great expense to the community and a tremendous amount of time and energy by the people that made submissions this mob went against the parliamentary recommendations which were put up by their own members. The people spoke and they did not listen. Talk about self sabotage.

    The best the community can do is put a halt to any further damage by political hoons and it will most likely be through voting for anyone but the major parties. No one will have a majority in effect rendering them useless.

    The other side of the coin is the diversion of investment from lib electorates into marginal electorates or even interstate as has been the case recently.

    This government has a dismal track record when it comes to the economy and employment. They also harp on about being tough on crime but have clearly demonstrated they are unable to protect our women.

    Overall they have been a very poor government.
  14. Agree , that sums things up in a nut shell :( sadly
  15. Mate - read this carefully, I don't wish to you to have any false ideas:

    1The Parliamentarians did not write this response to the PIMS report, VicRoads did as the lead agency representing the "all of Government". It has nothing to do with what the Parliamentarians think. It is all about those employees the parliament leads telling them to get fcuked.
    2 If you vote for the Greens, you may as well hand in your license and chuck your bike in the tip right now. They are catagorically and specifically ANTI motorcycling. They wish to ban all dirt and trail bikes from all forests and bushland and believe everyone should have public transport to their door. Kum By Ya. If you want to vote for a party that actually promotes motorcycling look into the Country Alliance Party. Investigate and make evidence based decisions, don't just vote for anyone and waste it.
    3 This government came in on a Law and Order Mandate and the DoJ is running policy on everything. You wrote here before the Liberals came in to vote for them. Suck it up baby, we be the fascist police state.
  16. There were 64 recommendations and of those, only 16 have been supported. None of them look like resulting in real change any time soon and they are all pretty 'soft' topics that make good political sense.

    Am I being completely ungrateful when I say I'd rather be able to filter legally than witness a motorcycling safety week (which is still needs to have the feasibility of it 'investigated').

    Recommendation 23
    That a ‘Motorcycle Safety Awareness Week’ be held annually in Victoria in conjunction with the Phillip Island MotoGP. The focus of the week is to be on how all road users can contribute to the safety of motorcyclists.

    This recommendation is supported
    The road safety partner agencies will investigate the feasibility and value of developing a ‘Motorcycle Safety Awareness Week’ and will explore issues that will need to be considered in the development of an awareness week.
  17. now I know how a prostitute feels after a busy night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dead:
  18. I'll use what limited 3G I have at the minute to say honestly, I'm disheartened.

    Agencies put in their wish list, get smacked around and alternative recommendations get made, then they are the ones that get to decide what they want to do anyway... that's not a whole of government response unless the agencies are the government.

    The lunatics are in control of the asylum.
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  19. The tail is wagging the dog. Perhaps it is an eye opener for all on the machinations of how our system of government actually works.
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