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NSW Government considers 120km/h speed limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cjvfr, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. The New South Wales Government is considering a 120km/h speed limit on some major freeways, which would bring the state into line with much of the developed world.

    The highest permissible speed in NSW is currently 110km/h, but debate over whether or not this limit is now ‘out of date’ has increased in recent years.

    NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay appears to be encouraging that debate, calling for a discussion on the state’s speed limits during an address to parliament.

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  2. Everyone on a 110 kph road does 120 kph anyway
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  3. Then everyone* could do 130 on a 120kph road, hornet

    * except me.. I never speed.
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  4. Hmmm. It's starting to look like current NSW might just be stepping up to the plate and taking a lead with road-related reforms. Which someone needs to do eventually, 'cause the status quo just isn't going to hold up forever.
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  5. Been driving on 120 roads in Spain, 130 roads in France and most of Portugal didnt appear to have limits. I didnt die once.
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  6. Yes, I hear Duncan Gay has and is doing some good stuff (lane filtering is an example). Some of the motorcycling authorities speak highly of him. Common sense is not overly common, especially in government). When the speed limits in the US were lifted a number of years ago there was an outcry that there would be death and carnage, yet deaths and serious injuries reduced. The reason why the 55mph limit was brought in in the US in the '70s was due to the oil crisis, not due to fatalities through speed.

    Let's hope a decision is made to proceed, and to also look at other roads where the limit could be increased.
  7. But you weren't surrounded by typical Ozzie drivers.

    Frankly, I reckon it would be a mistake to up the limit to 120 kph, as a lot of the drivers are shoving shit up hill with a pointy stick, keeping out of trouble with a 110 speed limit.
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  8. what 110 road are you travelling on?

    I usually set my cruise control to 123, which is 110 by gps, and I pass FAR more cars than pass me... probably pass 7-8 cars at least for every one that passes me. people might do "120" but its just an indicated 120...
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  9. I travel the Hume between Sutton Forest and Goulburn at least once a month, often more frequently, and with my cruise set on a true 110 I get passed by all sorts of cars, once by an old guy in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow!!!!!!
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  10. With VicGov considering 30kmh urban limits, maybe it's time to move to NSW.

    But I do see one problem: Learner's still limited to 90 and the differential between them and other traffic will be greater, increasing conflict and risk. There's an easy solution...
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  11. They've been trialling it up in the NT anyway since they've abolished open speed limits. You can't really compare to overseas much as roads over there tend to be able to handle traffic at higher speeds. Aus? well with all the potholes, carcasses, surface problems, narrow lanes, driver attitude, semi-trailers etc...raising the speed limit might be a tad dangerous here.

    I wouldn't be blowing happy smoke up Duncan or State Gov's bum anyway...they are bringing in more speed camera's, remember!
  12. You see this type of comment all the time and quite frankly it's starting to shit me. Yes there are some bad drivers, but the comment stems from ta delusional believe that most driver have and that is that they themselves are an above average driver.

    Most drivers can't be above average. But most believe they are, therefore they see most drivers on the road as bad drivers.

    The reality is only a handful of countries in the world have better driver training than Australia has. And in most countries in the world you will strike drivers that are as bad or even worse than Australian drivers.

    The biggest problem I see with Austalian drivers is they are over-hesitant and that stems from overly restrictive laws. Increasing the limit is an easing of that restriction and thus will likely result in better driving habits.

    I think 120 is a cop out. I think it's a token effort, so they can say they've done something. To get aligned with current vehicle design and other first world countries they should be looking at increasing it to 150.
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  13. I would say it's easing into the concept; once they've show the advantages and lack of DOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!! you get from a 10kph increase, that should open people up to further increases on roads that suit it.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a poly came out and suggested 150 in Victoria, after a decade of propaganda about speed being evil and intrinsically deadly?
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  14. No, couldn't happen because the Enforcement Industry has got government by the danglers in Vic and wouldn't allow it.
    That's the difference with NSW, the pollies are loose cannons but they don't belong to anyone in particular, least of all the powers in the public service that rule in Vic.
  15. Be honest...a vast proportion of the cage drivers leave you shaking your head wondering how the fcuk they managed to get dressed that morning.

    Operating a machine as complex as a can opener is beyond them, and a car....well.....we just needn't even go there....
  16. Gps reads 132ish at indicated 130. It's annoying.
  17. I think there is just a severe lack of common courtesy. ie: this is MY space & you can't have it. How dare you get ahead of me - I've been waiting longer. You're inconsiderate so I will be too! You have to merge & I'm not moving for you.I can do what I want - it's MY space...it just goes on!

    Can you imaging the old beligerant pensioner sitting in the right lane when the speed limit is up'd to 130???

    Truckies will love it too. I'll bet they still have to stay at 100. How many have you seen doing that tho???
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  18. I think it is the 'fark you' attitute that we Australian drivers/riders have, which will be the issue.
    Having recently been to the USA, where driving & riding was way more relaxed, less stressful and other road users were so damn polite! I have come to realise just how aggressive Australians are once behind the wheel.
    I never would have believed this, as we are meant to be so laid back.
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  19. While I think we've all seen some atrocious drivers around - I'm not convinced that they're all as bad as we think. On your way to work you may share the road with 200 cars. If I have 3 cars do something silly that grabs my attention and I get worked up about bad drivers, but when I stop and think about it later I realise I don't take into consideration all consider all the cars I didn't have to consider as well - I have to wonder if it's the whole 'takes a few bad eggs to spoil the bunch' mentality. If there were that many bad drivers, in reality there'd be accidents at every 2nd intersection as we pass by.

    Plus the freeways are probably the better of the places to consider some liberal laws. Seems to be far fewer incidents on freeways than elsewhere. The biggest problem on the freeways as I see it will be tailgaters. People thinking that they can still sit the same distance from the car in front of them with the increased speed than they used to - coz that's what they're comfortable with. That and differentials in speeds (L platers, trucks, etc) - however if it's only on freeways that aren't congested (Hume between Melbourne to Sydney for instance) - it would be a good place to start.

    Personally I hope it goes ahead though - if to get the Vic government taking a second look at the direction they're heading.
  20. 120 and line the highways with phone signal jammers? I suppose that's not fair on passengers..
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