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Government adult-content filter to slow down the internet

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Will be interesting to see which non-adult sites they intent to block.

    Also if they intend to record and report the IP addresses of those who choose to "opt out"


  2. f*cking c*nts.

  3. that's the sort of stuff they are trying to filter.
    It's easy to circumvent.
    Just ask a 15 year old geek.
  4. [​IMG]
    There goes Netrider onto the banned list :LOL:.
  5. I dunno about kids these days, but I never "accidentally" stumbled across adult sites :p

    If they want more done to "protect children," throw the responsibility to the parents!
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  6. I am wondering how they plan to achieve this, whether it be via blocking the IP/domain of the pr0n sites, or whether they will use packet filtering.

    If they use the latter, expect the net to stop.
  7. /me strokes his US based VPS

    Who wants a slice?
  8. Geez, if the net's going to slow down, and I'm on Bigpond, that's just going to be just made of fail.
  9. A step closer to other forms of censorship. Hope this $hit doesn't go through.. were are aus hackers when you need them to put on a protest? ffs!
  10. It's still a pipedream under investigation to keep senator Fielding happy.
    I can't see it working effectively imho.
  11. I guess the blacklist will keep the "unsuitable" content away from the wrong hands.

    Oh, and guess what...........you have the wrong hands......
  12. for sites that encourage you to put anything but a keyboard in your hands? :LOL:
  13. Bloody typical gestapoment reaction... use a sledge hammer to crack a nut.




  14. It appears Japan is also slipping this one in :?


  15. I'm a bloody adult!

    Leave me alone and let me decide what I want to see or do. This use to be a free country but now I can't walk my dog without government intervention.

    I am ashamed to say that I am a child of the 60's, Peace Love and Mung beans. Let us be free. Unfortunately that generation has spawned the greatest number of bulls!t regulations limiting individual freedom we have ever seen!
  16. It because all the acid and psychedelic drugs fcuk3d up their minds.

  17. No, it's because they got old and bitter and couldn't bear to see a new generation of young people having a good time. They also made it impossible for us to buy houses. Bastards.

  18. I would support this 100% IF people chose the option TO get their useage regulated.

    I do not support being forced to ring a company and say "hi my account is under the name of _dot_ and I'd like to make it so I can look at naughty pictures, thanks"

    I will be at the front lines protesting this if we are forced to have it.
  19. +1

    You can be damn sure that the list of 'opt out' IP addresses will be distributed or used in other databases.
  20. does this include dynamic IP's?
    Where's your tin foil hat? :roll: