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Goulburn -> Bathurst -> Nowra on a 125! [Pics added]

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by boingk, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Goulburn -> Bathurst -> Nowra on a 125! [Pics 25/9]

    Righteo, heres my stab at a quick runabout the Highlands and South Coast, due to start in a few days.

    I'll be heaeding to Bathurst from Goulburn, most likely via Taralga, on the 13th of September (Sunday). After a residential school at the uni there I'm going to be heading back the same way and then on to Nowra, probably via Kangaroo Valley, although I'm thinking of using Turpentine Road if its upgrade has been completed. Any info on this would be grand. After that I'll be coming back to Goulburn via whatever way I didn't use the first time.

    Pics, stories, a fang round Mt Panorama; it'll all be put up here when I get access to a computer, most likely before leaving Bathurst (16th~17th) and after returning to Goulburn for the last time (21st~22nd).

    Any hassles with the two-stroke are going to be addressed before I leave, mostly in the form of a top-end rebuild and a 'track-style' running in. Other than that it'll be me, the bike, a backpack and some stroker oil between me and the twisties :twisted:


    Cheers guys, look out for the updates!

    - boingk
  2. Have fun in the Kangaroo Valley! Last time i went through there was in a manual Nissan Tiida, cursing myself that I wasn't on the bike. Good fun.
  3. Have fun, you will love the kangaroo valley loop from nowra to the top, and the mac pass is just around the corner, enjoy the ride and keep us posted, i'll be riding round taralgab goulburn hopefully this weekend
  4. Turpentine Rd (it is actually Main Road 92 Nerriga Rd) is still yet to be finished. It is still quite a way off.

    I would be going through Kangaroo Valley, for sure.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, Joel. No way I'm taking the RS over dirt if I can help it...not fun, not fun at all.

    Pictures and the rest from this end of the tour will probably be up by Wednesday night.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. Here are some pics from the Bathurst-Goulburn loop of the ride. Nowra has been postponed for a bit but will go ahead as soon as some other thing get out of the way.

    Ready to roll, 6.30am:

    Last 60 zone I'll see for a while:

    Ah....*now* the trip begins!

    Brilliant stretch heading towards Taralga:

    Mt Panorama, was a blast to ride around:


    Between Black Springs and Taralga, awesome twisties through a logging area:

    Downside of the trip was blatantly inadequate signage:

    If you're interested in the top end rebuild I gave the bike before heading out on thr trip its over in my build thread in the Mods & Projects forum.

    The trip itself was great, a good romp through some of my favourite riding roads. Uni work in Bathurst was dull, but the mountain track made up for that pretty easily. Could have done with a larger bike, although I definitely improved on my cornering ability over the course of 450-odd kays.

    'Til the next instalment - boingk
  7. Good work Boink.
    Mogo also offers a trailer recovery service if the very unfortunate should happen.
  8. Thanks again, Joel, good to know theres another option when freinds and family can't make it!

    Thought I'd better post a few pics from the last part of my journey - the Nowra/Goulburn loop. It was a blast on the way up, sunny skies and minimal traffic. Got caught up in a bikie group on the way up Kangaroo Valley, which was sorta interesting. They hooked along alright, definitely knew how to make their bikes walk!
    The way back wasn't as good. Dust and extreme wind, that was about it. It sucked. No pics from that leg, just a burning determination to make it home...so I could go to work.

    Vineyard outside of Marulan:

    Stop at a champion old-wares store just before the Valley. Always a good lookaround, they've got a bottl-o as well...

    Twisties through the Valley:

    And thats the trip. About 830-ish kays all up, including some scratching around Vincentia and Huskisson. Good ride for anyone whos interested, but I wouldn't recommend riding in that god-awful wind to anyone unless you HAVE to...like I did.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. Good on you. One of the nicest places on this planet. imo.
  10. :rofl:

    Thanks for sharing.
  11. Lilley - damn straight! Love going down there, plus Dad and I (stayed at his place for a couple of nights) swapped bikes on one run. Going from a small stroker to a BMW R1100S sure does make you realise you've got zero torque though. And zero power, and zero road presence...and zero comfort! AHHH!

    I couldn't resist the signage shot, haha. I see that every time I'm coming back from Bathurst and laugh to myself :)

    - boingk