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Gotta luv skool hols traffic!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. How grouse is the traffic in Vic at the moment!.

    Almost negates the need for lane splitting/filtering!
  2. Yep - it's amazing what just a ~10-20% reduction in traffic load does in terms of congestion. It just goes to show what a fine line it is between roads running at full capacity, to peaking over it and turning to congested crap.

    Melbourne's road system is pretty much well setup to carry 80% of the typical traffic that it normally does.
  3. That's cos all the barsteds are down here. Tried to get from PI to Inverloch in the car the other day - wont be doing THAT again...not in the car anyway.
  4. Hmm interesting, I ride/drive on the roads almost daily (non peak) and definitely reckon there is more traffic on the roads. A lot of corners around here that I can usually ride "at my own pace" I now am stuck in traffic with cars going their (slow) pace.
  5. Today, I managed to get to work for once without putting my foot to ground once! :grin:

    I find the most fatiguing thing of commuting is the constant stop start shiite!
  6. It appears the extra available space just gives people more space to do F#%king stupid things...
    Had a guy do a turn into a cetner park on Lonsdale St from the left lane on me this morning...
    That was all i heard from the stupid F#$k while I was explaning my point of view in "Firm" terms.
    [EDIT]I think I may have expanded teh vocabulary of a fiew of teh workers walking down Lonsdale [​IMG][/EDIT]
  7. Show traffic

    Argh, all the other cars that aren't congregating down in PI with you Rosie are up here in Kensington/Flemington at the Show. Grrr. The moment I am out my door I'm in standstill traffic (except for me of course, filtering through yay!).
    Must say I love Kensington, it's a great area, except for Royal Showtime and November, spring racing carnival.
  8. Re: Show traffic

    I use the Monash and Westgate every day and reckon its pretty much the same if not a little worse! I look forward to the empty roads but have been a little disappointed
  9. The most dangerous part of my commute, the little bit past the primary school around the corner is now safe. No bloody parents. What is it about being a parent that makes you have to (A) drive the poor little tyke to school and (8) try and kill at least one person while you do it. AND WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE to drive 3 blocks in bloody Burwood?
  10. There might be roadworks! :LOL:
  11. I can't wait for school holidays... especially given that i work at the school so i get to go against rush hour both ways!!
  12. School holidays combined with being a Wednesday (carribean market open today) makes life miserable for me getting to work!
  13. That, and according to the Volkswagen add, the higher seating position puts you in a better position to see danger coming up. Lets just gloss over the fact that even though you can see the danger, you are unable to stop or avoid it thanks to the magnificent handling of the vehicle :roll:
  14. thats ok - with a 4x4 you can drive straight through anything in your way. Who cares who you kill as long as you don't get hurt
  15. You can see the danger and it is yourself!

  16. Yep it's good at the moment, so much so I can get an extra 15 minutes of sleep and still get to work at the same time.

    Normally leave Werribee at 8:00 to get to work at 8:45. Today it was 100KMph from Werribee to the Westgate, then a smooth 80 over the bridge and over the Bolte to Footscray Rd.

    Still a little busy from Footscray Rd. but much easier to split and filter then normal.
  17. Ferntree Gully to Oakleigh - 12 minutes!.
    I left FTG at 7:20 am, and was in Oakleigh at 7:32 as I turned in to work.

    Yeah baby!
  18. School Hols are the best time of the year for truck drivers combined with
    RDO day coming up on Monday the roads are gonna be glorious :cool:
  19. Western Ring Rd and Tulla to SillyLink nice and cruisy in the morning but only slightly better in the arvo.

    Only constant is the 100knot winds. Bloody hell they're strong in the arvo!!

    No 40kph zones outside schools.