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Gotta love the safety gear :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzStriker, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. A friend took this photo in Honolulu, it looks staged but it isn't!!!

    Looks very safe with all those reflectors :grin:


  2. It depends if that is a busy city-ish area or not. Thats very common in resort area's, usually they dont travel very far or at a great speed. If I was at a quiet resort spot I would most probably only wear a helmet if that.
  3. all i have to say is nice photo :grin:
  4. +1 to robbied.

    Mate there is no problem getting around like this at walking pace or very low speeds. Many tourist areas use bike tracks and walkways that are great for getting from your hotel to the beach.
  5. perv :roll:

  6. Guys this is Waikiki Beach, trust me, its no resort over there!!
  7. Don't worry about it. It's OK to squid when on Holidays.

    Last year a mate and I clocked up a few hundred Ks around Cambodia wearing t-shirt, shorts, the worst plastic helmets I have ever seen and... a rain poncho. :LOL:
  8. A rain poncho. Well at least it would be easy to convert into a body bag. :LOL:
  9. So what are you expecting? Waikiki is like the Gold Coast :?

    If wearing safety gear makes you feel good, that's great

    Thanks for at least posting up something OK to look at :cool:
  10. I believe one of us should do the right thing and go over and make sure all her riding gear is alright. I mean a real good check, you just never know, she may have non regulated G string on under that and we can't have that on our street. Righto guys who is up for it.
  11. What, she was wearing safety gear. :eek: Ohhh, you mean the airbags. :grin: Yeah I did notice those. :LOL:
  12. [​IMG]

    uhhh i mean, naughty girl! she'll need to be taught a lesson...
  13. meeeeeeeeee!
  14. My folks lived there for many years, they kept a (now old model) GSX1100 for whenever I visited (nice folk aren't they :LOL: )

    I'd ride the island with no more than long shirt/jeans & helmet, and that was mainly for bug protection :LOL: :LOL:

    it's Hawaii, you don't "wear" anything much at all, anytime... always makes for nice panorama's :p :p
  15. I'd hit it ..
  16. Dont you guys know, people dont fall off scooters.. :roll:
  17. Seen this thread? :wink: = Ironwoman + scooter + squid = ouch

  18. Got a Hi-Res photo of that?
  19. with or without the Skirt on scooters,

    but fcuk i wish i was still on hawaii time.
    i had a ball on that island last october
    and yair. gasp. she's not wearing any protection. wow. try it sometime, the sunshine on your skin might actually bring a smile to your pale face