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Gotta love the NT licencing system

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banjodog, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just moved to the Northern territory from NSW where i had my open car licence but only my p's on my bike. so get to the NT and cause i have an open car licence, they gave me my full bike. Biggest grin on my face :grin: few weeks later and now my lovin my 01 cbr600f4i. Very happy boy :p

  2. I hate you
  3. Genuine question - does the NT have any 'interesting' roads, or is it all quite flat and straight?
  4. :shock: Northern Territory has a licensing system ? :p
  5. omg so moving to NT just to get my open licence then moving back
  6. It's not worth it. Moving to NT that is.
  7. haha
    only for the purpose of getting the licence, then id be outta there
  8. I haven't explored it thoroughly, but the Stuart Highway has a slight bend in it just near the SA border, and there's an intersection with a roadhouse on the corner where it meets the Lasseter Hwy.

    But there's some amazing roads out there once you get off the bitumen.
  9. I lived in Darwin for almost 3 years during the late 90's. When i got my bike shipped up i hadn't ridden it for a couple of months. So i jumped straight on and outside the city limits just gassed it as there is no limit. Doing 180kph just outside Darwin and woosh a bloody bird swooped down right in front of me and just missed. Slowed to 140kph and another bloody bird did the same thing so hit the brakes and went home with heart thumping.
    As for roads the road out of town is okay some good fast sweepers but few and far between. I suggest a ride out to Litchfield National Park some excellent roads to explore there. It takes a while to get there though but the Park is beautiful with some very good swimming holes and waterfalls. It is a genuine day ride.
    Be weary of wildlife though.
    Plus i found Darwin to be a genuine beautiful place with some amazing sites.
    Must do's: Litchfield, Kakadu, Katherine gorge and especially Mataranka, Sunset at Mindil Beach markets and Sunday Jazz at the lawns of the Casino.
    ps the local currency is either red (M8) or green (vb) cans.
  10. Just one correction, the days of no speed limit are over, 130km/h is the limit on the highways now and 110km/h on other unposted roads. :cry:

    NT Ends Open Speed Limits
  11. that would have saved you a few hundred dollars and a couple of days .
  12. I took a road trip to NT in 2006 and I love the feeling of driving at around 150km/h to 180km/h continuesly. Stuart Highway is wide and straight. You will hardly see a car for a day long trip so I cannot see a point of introducing speed limit over there.