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Gotta love new tyres :)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Oct 17, 2007.

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    This is a perfect example of a cold, but very new tyre, they are like riding on ice.
    Untill they are scrubbed that is :?


    Cheers, ratty
  2. "It's funny because it's happening to someone else."

    Homer Simpson
  3. I see where ya commin from Paul :LOL:

    It happened to me when i was 18 or 19 and it's a fantastic lesson that you never forget :?

  4. gees it didnt even look like he was doing anything stupid....
    maybe gave it a touch of stick....maybe :eek:
  5. Trust me, new tyres are that slippery, stay upright in the middle of the tyre for as long as you can and slowly work your way to the edges.
    Or ride to the nearest bit of dirt and spin the tyre in it :)

  6. I saw a guy do exactly this at the Honda dealership in Wollongong. He brought his ZX9 in for a new back tyre, and I distinctly heard the workshop manager say, "Just be careful on that new tyre till it's scrubbed in."

    Mr Ninja rode out the driveway onto Corrimal street, gave the bike a fairly gentle rev, and dumped it on its right side on the road, snapping off the entire right footpeg assembly!
  7. I dunno... the title of the clip was "Wicked Diesel" was it not?
    Seems to suggest that something other than the tyre was involved (but then, I wasn't there).
  8. Wicked Diesel was the user name of the guy who posted it.

    In the description is written 'Vorsicht mit neuen Reifen'

    Which translated (thanks Babel Fish) means 'Careful with new tyres'

    It would be heart-breaking.
  9. It's interesting that it was THAT slippery. Many tyre fitters will rub the tyre down with some solvent while it's on the balancing wheel that dissolves most of that slippery coating. I've had new (road) tyres fitted at the Island between sessions and still managed to cut decent laps while scrubbing them in from the get go.

    If they're not rubbed down, then yeah, they're slipperier than ice on steel.
  10. Makes me glad I make it home alive riding my storm back as it just started raining after a dry spell here in Melbourne - with spanking new tyres and only being the second time I had ridden the bike.
  11. It's ChiggenWingz in disguise!

    :( though.
  12. The same thing happen to me.
    One new rear tyre, first bend from the shop, and on my ass before i even new it was happening. Do it once, lesson learnt.
  13. Just had a new Pilot Road 2 rear tyre fitted, and indeed "Treads and Things" (Metro Honda/Ducati) washed down the tyre with solvent, so that it was nice and sticky from the start.

    A lap and and back on the Spur, with no issues, and the tyres look nicely scrubbed and good to go. :grin: Okay, so I left a centimeter or so on the edge. Gotta leave something for later. :cool:

    The guy in the video had a poor dealer. No service there.
  14. Just got a set of PR2's on my tard from them, 2 thumbs up for those guy's they know their stuff...

    As for the vid, most riders I know have done it once, some several times... I learned my lesson in cars, nearly took out a Beaurepairs sign on the way out of the shop... Lesson remembered and I've never checked out in the same manner be it bike or car since...
  15. Just shows how lucky I was when I got my first new bike:
    - CBR600F4i
    - first time EVER on anything other than a 250
    - brand new bike/tyres
    - raining when I picked it up
    - had no idea about slippery new tyres(dealer said nothing even though he new all of the above)
  16. Double posties

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  18. Umm, that's the same video twice rs101 :).
  19. Great videos.

    Makes me want to learn how to drift a bike so I can turn clumsyness into awesomeness when I get new tyres.
  20. With an inventive installation of a scott-oiler, you wouldn't need new tyres. Dorifto 24-7.