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Gotta love LAMS!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I reckon I'd be wobbling around on that also!
  2. Hey Gavin, welcome Back :wink:

    Yeah, it is obviously someone's project bike, it has been well (but not over) restored, and I reckon in time he'll have a ball with it.....
  3. Wish I'd wobbled around on one as a P Plater - wish I could wobble around on one now :)
  4. Good to see a young guy with taste.
    And a good apprecieation for older bikes.
    Something i think is sorely missed with alot of people these days.
  5. Am sure there is a Norton or two in this lot:

    Nabiac Bike Museum

    I did a search and it seems it has been six months since the Musuem has been mentioned.

    Click on slideshow set for five seconds and enjoy.
  6. Same here - though if you look around a lot of classics still get ridden regularly, as well they should! Parts are usually plentiful and cheap for the more common ones i.e. Trumpys/BSA/Nortons.
  7. Exactly. I just get the feeling these days, unless the bike is 30sec old, and does zero to a million in 3 nanoseconds, no 'yougens' want to know about it.

    As an example. I had my bike parked next to a K1 Gixxer the other day. Now, nothing against Gixxers, but c'mon - theres thousands of those on the road. Anyways, everyone who stopped to look, went Ooo...ahhh... over the Gixxer (other riders incl). Except one older guy, who was more intersted in the GPz. He said it quite right "New bikes are awesome, no doubt. But no gives any appreciation to where todays super-bikes come from"
    Too tru.

    Anyway, now im ranting :)
  8. I get that a lot too - hey ease up on the 'youngens' bit - neiter of us are that old :) :) :)
  9. Nightrider and I met a young guy at Bateman's Bay when we were riding down to the Netrider BBQ; he was riding an old R60 BMW, and he was having a ball too, on Ls.
  10. :LOL: I came back four and half years ago after nine years away...scary..
    ...'wouldnt let my wife on for three months...but a few day rides chasing
    rice burners got me back in the groove...I'll never stop riding again...
  11. Quite a few riders would be surprised on how well the older bikes - set up properly and 'sorted' - will go on modern roads and in modern traffic. When you go from old to new or vice-versa, you realise even more just how far technology has come!
  12. And some pics I took there a couple of years ago... More to come when I'm back in Nabiac later this year.

    National Motorcycle Museum - Nabiac
  13. I remember him, a nice guy too. He even told us who the local BMW guru was :LOL:

    Hmmm if i remember rightly i loved the sound of that beemer!!
  14. Is that not rather pointless unless in a kind of gentle nostalgic fashion? Kind of like me believing that i have to thank my great grandfather for being born otherwise i wouldn't be here now. Silly in many regards, but of vague interest for a few.
  15. Old bikes/cars are nice but I wouldn't have one as a daily driver. Driving to work in a nice new Falcon/commode/Camry etc is pure bliss compared to say a XY GTHO/HJ Monaro. Great cars but a pig to drive around town, I imagine the old bikes would be the same. As a weekend cruiser, no problems, but give me technology and comfort under my bum for the rest of the time.
  16. Or for some interesting bikes try here

    I like the CL350 with 3000 odd miles from new... :LOL:

    It's a bit of a worry though when you look at a site like that and realise you've owned several identical bikes to what are now "classics" - and bought some of them new... :roll:
  17. Hi Tony :wink:
  18. Have a look at the CB750K1 there Paul...

    That should bring back some memories :LOL: