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Gotta hate being broke.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Where have all the cheap bikes gone?!?
    Im upgrading in 3 months, and willing to spend maybe 5-6 grand on a = bike, but i cant seem to find too much that isnt either ancient, got 50+k on the clock or is just garbage.

    I def want 600 or above. Any ideas on what makes of bike are cheaper etc? Any uni students with bikes here that understand where im comign from? lol

  2. So you want a good condition, low k bike, thats not too old and is cheap.
    Hmmmm i wonder why your finding it hard? lol :)

    nah, totally understand where your comming from mate. when you've got a tight budget you just have to be prepared to spend the time looking round until the right one comes along.

    good luck.
  3. I know what you mean!
    I always find that the things I really want are more money than I have!
  4. Grrl got a 99 vfr800 (yellow, sweeeet:) with i think about 40 on the clock for $6G.

    my advice, dont set your herat on one brand/model of bike, keep your eyes and your mind open and you will find the right bike at the right price.

    also bikes with over 60k are not always bad, my VFR had 64 when i bought it and i'd expect to get another 60 before any major rebuilds if she's looked after
  5. Why the disappointed tone there, sonny?

    With a little trip to the casino, you could turn that $5k into $25k in no-time!
    Get that new R1 you always told yourself you wanted without actually sitting one.. maybe even insure it!
  6. I thought you'd have some sort of cloaking/hologram device available to make a CB 250 look like a Hayabusa from teh outside?
    Have to say I am disappointed in Ktulu's Motorcycle accesomaries dropping of the ball here!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yes, Typhoon, sorry. I have attempted to address these concerns and here is the statement from our R&D department:

    Thank you for your interest in improving motorcycle technology. There are so many wonderful things we are looking forward to achieving, but at this point in time, it appears we will have invented fold-away & carry bikes, zero emission engines that never require refuelling, and light-speed travel before the technology is available to make a CB250 look fast.
  8. $5-7K is a tough market in terms of value for money.

    the early-mid 90s bikes are holding that, but have higher k's.

    It makes it frustrating when the $7-10k market has some real bargains in it, due to some new cheapes coming onto the market.

    My advice is stick with it for more then a few weeks. Buy private, find the best value ad in the trading post and then call 2 weeks later. You can bet they haven't had anywhere near the calls they expected and will be willing to deal
  9. I'm at uni also..i'd rather save up to get a bike i actually want than spend 5~6000 on something cause thats all i can afford. Save up $5000 more. How hard can it be?
  10. I'm a Uni student and I just bought a new bike. I sold my car, my 142cm tele and my 17 inch powerbook to buy it. So mate in other words if you're really keen, sell everything you have!
  11. Oh and also, the VTR1000 is a great value bike. Lots of power, looks and sounds great (that's why I used to have one). You could easily pick up a 98 model with not too many K's on it for around 7 grand.
  12. Now that's committment Geoffrey. :grin: good to see.
  13. Hmmm Owen, unfortunately not too many bikes for sale in SA :(

    Maybe this one? or this one?
  14. i'm a uni student and i did alright for 7k. :grin:

    good luck in your hunt.
  15. I spotted a nice 600 Hornet, 2001 model, I think, at Peter Stevens in Ringwood (Vic) a couple of weeks ago, it only have 29,000 kays and a Staintune, give them a ring......
  16. Try looking for a Suzuki GSX750F (earlier shape) or a Yamaha SZR660 those are sometimes found from $4000 to $5000 in fairly good condition with moderate kms.
  17. Thanks for all the help guys, will keep looking, and will give peter stevens a bell about the hornet.