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gotta catch up with blab! new ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 87crisis, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. i know i've got a long way to go but it's a start....have now added a pearl white zxr 250 to my stable and i must say it's ****ing mind blowing how completely different it is to ride compared to any bike i've ridden previously...the upside down front suspension is going to be the hardest part to get used to...it's like learning all over again...

    gotta clean some rust outta the petrol tank but apart from that she seems in ok condition...not sure on year yet i'll track down the compliance plate on it later ....it really is just balls to the wall fun...and in NO way a commuter bike.

    and all 4 toys.

    got the zxr happily upto 120 on a short backroad...she's got more left in her....considering getting a derestricted cdi unit from japan.

  2. you people with more then one bike shit me to tears grrr, grumble, grumble lol

    half your luck :) enjoy
  3. Not a bad start.
    Ive still got more shit boxes than you,only just.
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  4. Two bikes may result in singledom?
  5. bah the cbx was a ongoing project - gonna stop ****ing around and get it up running n registered in the next week or two....got the zxr by telling the ms's the zzr was on it's way out ....only just informed her i'll be keeping all three if the two people i've offered to sell the zzr to bow out....

    kinda raises the question - [MENTION=35668]BLABBUS TOOLICUS[/MENTION] ...Are all those bikes in the video registered?
  6. No,the honda mini bikes arent,the GT80 is.The blue 450 Ducati is not.The RGV is a project in waiting.The rest are,some on historic rego.All the rego'd ones get ridden regularly,,,I seem to have lots of mates.
  7. LOL the compliance plate n rego papers say the bike is a 1985 model...to my knowledge these didn't come into production until 1988. ...from my basic understanding it is a zxr250A model but the dates are dodgey...no other reasoning behind it....really i dunno why a importer would put a older date on it =/
  8. You bought one of them ! Oh no.
  9. Oh no ! not one of them !
  10. If ya gunna collect 250's,get some iconic ones.
    Like a Hyo 250- sorry,thats ironic.
  11. + it doesn't really keep in-line with the "crappy jappa 250's" theme i have going on.
  12. Jap rubbish-why would you bother
  13. because i'm not a big fan of latte's so ducati's are out of the question...and i'm not 70 and in denial of technology so british bikes are out of the question.
  14. Flat white and squid gear for me,farks up the latte set when I roll up with no chicken strips.
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  15. Far too much crapasaki thats your issue mate. Though that ZX2R is just about the only good bike they made.

    It surprises me that getting onto a USD fork machine felt really strange for you? ive never heard anyone say that before, ive only ridden one bike with USD forks and i didnt notice any strange feelings. Interesting.
  16. really its more there's too much honda in my collection :p

    but yeah it seems to be the upside down forks mixed with the properly leaned forward riding position that's throwing me off, just something to get used to really....there just seems to be alot less room for error compared to the commuter/sport touring feel of the zzr....should just teach me to be a better rider in the long term as opposed to relying on the bike to do the work for me
  17. The same will happen when you get a girl friend.
  18. well already got the fiance....so wouldn't it be "when i get a mistress"?
  19. If you already got finance-get a decent bike.
  20. LOL..no...fiance...like woman i'm getting married to...as for money i've got inheritance that does the job nicely....and like i've said - i enjoy my little 250 toys for now...time will tell what i ride in the future.