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Got You, You Bastard! Hahahah

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Not4Resale, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. okay went for a little ride last night. Was a cruisy ride through town for some food and drinks so not too spirited and me and my buddy pulled up behind an unmarked police car. Needless to say, I thought it was pretty overt but i don't design these things! :p

    So anyway this was in the right hand lane so we take off and merge to the middle lane and cruise at the speed limit and lo and behold what shoots up the left hand lane but a fully sick on the mobile phone. He cuts me off so I signalled the police that he was on the phone and they went up to his car and then pulled him over with a satisfying *woop woop* :LOL:

    This has by far been my most satisfying moment in motorcycling, I have been almost crushed by so many people who've merged while on the phone and I finally got my shot at some vigilante justice! :LOL: :grin:

    Man I feel good! :twisted:

  2. Very nice :)
    Thumbs up all round here :biker:
  3. haha thats sick, people like that deserve it.
  4. Well Done!!
    I bet you had a smile from ear to ear :LOL:
  5. Thank you for all your praise people :grin:

    I was definitely pleased with my efforts. It didn't help his case that he zoomed up my inside and cut me off. :LOL:

    I think it's about time more of this sort of thing starts happening, chatting on the phone is seen as such a victimless crime by most drivers.
  6. G'day everyone,...

    Well it is untill somebody gets hurt!

    I can't beleive I just said that!

    Dr Who?
  7. Thanks that was you huH! .. now i'm suspended ... THANKS!!

    jks =]
  8. I somtimes get that "wish the cops were watching this" going on, fkn awesome when they do appear ay :p
  9. Yeah nice scene. But remember bikes will mostly get done over by (1) cagers and (2) cops.

    As Sergeant Phil said "Let's be careful out there"
  10. Spot on, but it's great when they are positioned so perfectly! :grin:

    I hate to say it but i have no remorse, this bloke deserved it, he was overtaking me on the left while on the phone and proceeded to cut me off.

    I have a major vendetta against car phone users. I use a hands free and barely use it, for less than 30 bucks, does it really cost people that much to increase their alertness on the road?

    I realise there's probably people on here who chat on the phone whilst in a cage but seriously, we're not multi tasking supermen. When things go wrong, we want all our resources available, and that includes hands, field of vision and enough attention on the road to see the other vehicle in the lane you're changing into.

    I don't like getting preachy but this is a serious problem in society that just isn't taken seriously, if i could bust everyone i saw on the phone on my daily commute i would....actually i should write in to the police station and suggest they have motorbike cops do some traffic revenue raising! :LOL:
  11. just to end it all as you went past you should have given the little beep beep just to let him know it was you... :LOL:
  12. Traffic police/cops *do* that sort of thing often. In fact in WA they currently are able to and encouraged to hand out fines etc on their way to and from work.

    there's just not enough, and even if they were they cant be everywhere.
  13. Hopefully after the fine then he will learn.

    I was caught on my phone... and have never done it since...
  14. your just jelous u cant talk on your mobile with your helmet on :grin: :grin: :grin:

    unless u get bluetooth
  15. What are you, a complete idiot?? :roll: Don't you know that speed causes all accidents on our roads?
  16. Hi, Not4resale having just seen your post I want to say great I'm glad the police were around for you. A couple of months ago I was riding in Penrith area and had this stupid cow in a yellow car driving up my tail, as I slowed at a set of traffic lights she pulled alongside me and I noticed she was on a mobile phone (and she was a P plater). I couldn't help myself and tapped on her window. When she wound it down I told her not to drive so close to me and also that she shouldn't be on a mobile phone when driving and to get off it. Her response..... "make me" incensed I took her registration no and reported her to the Police (I got an event number) but I am not sure if they nicked her. I told the policeman that I had two friends (who were with me that day) who saw it all and would be witnesses. I hope they did her. As a car driver as well it really gets me mad when I see people using a mobile and trying to drive. Doesn't it say it all when the police do a one day mobile phone 'drive' and catch over 1000 people...... they should do it more often.
  17. People like that annoy the shit out of me.
    Hopefully next time the phone rings she might think of you, and you might have saved a fellow bikers life :)
  18. This is what I have a problem with. It's not so much people just not thinking about it, it's people are at the point where they genuinely don't give a crap about others on the road. I give a double tap on the horn nowadays when i see people on the phone and when they look i put my hand to my hear and pull it away in a "hang up" motion. Sometimes it aggravates people but in most cases they put their phones away.

    Good on you for saying something. I think mobile phone usage whilst driving needs some media attention. Maybe that might help shape public opinion. :LOL:
  19. You know that if she had said oops sorry and put it away - I would not have reported it. BUT Yes you are right this does need media attention and I would say that it is a HUGE problem particularly when the police on that ONE DAY caught over 1,000 drivers using a mobile. I think I read somewhere that being on a mobile phone is more dangerous than being over the limit with drink. Maybe the mobile RBTs should become mobile scanning units for this idiots! And wouldn't the coffers be full - more so probably than speeding fines!!
  20. GUILTY
    i have done it before on the freeway i was following someone and they got lost and rang me to say get off at the next exit and i got done was on my p's so lost my licence for it. (but no im not a fully sicker i was driving a camry)
    learnt my lesson from it and i like to think im much wiser on the road since then, i have a hand free now but to be honest i dont see how thats any safer really its still distracting when your on the phone so i dont use it unless its really important but i think even that should be illegel same as things like eating, smoking ect...