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Got to be kidding!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Just thought id share this nugget with you! :roll:

    Enroute back home and spot a traffic incident across the road. Cager pulled over with the blues and twos flashing.
    Not paying any attention, pass by.

    Hear horn blowing behind me and see a car swerve to avoid being hit by the same cop that was not 20 seconds earlier on the opposite side of the road standing with a driver! :shock:

    You guessed what happened next.

    On saying hello, was met with a breathless muted grunt, and a most annoyed (as everything on my end checked out) replied on how he had lost the last booking to do this! WTF! :shock:

    I have heard of random checks, but this is ridiculous! I wonder what the extreme passion is about riders.
  2. now you sure you're telling us the whole story?


  3. Bahah twain..

    That seriously demonstrates stupid amounts of prejudice.. almost report worthy, especially with the reckless driving just for a routine check.
  4. WTF, this sounds a bit sus bro, u sure you werent doint something you werent supposed to do, this sounds a bit extreme to me!!! :shock:
  5. "nice driving cntstable" would have been my opening line.
  6. Thanks Driver, here's your TIN :) would have been his.
  7. Was quite happy just smile and let him be on his way! :grin:
    Quite aware of how end of shift tension can be released! :LOL:
  8. twain!

    wot kinda bike is that in your pic? its got foot bars! thats what i need!

    cheers :cool:

    yes, im serious :mad:
  9. I'm quietly confident you can't buy one of those off the shelf :p.
  10. Nada, zip, niento!
    Was following in traffic at about 50 kph (60 zone).

    Outcome was just a check! Thats why I thought, WTF, all that effort for what!?
  11. Springtime, a lot of bikes are being dusted off and ridden. I'm guessing they're trying to catch those who are unlicensed or not riding within restrictions.
  12. And that justifies dangerously rushing across the road to check on someone going past normally?
  13. Silly person. So long as the cop wasn't speeding, no one was in any danger whatsoever. Besides, he had probably pulled the driver over for something as minor as talking on a mobile phone and changing across 2 lanes without indicating, but only took action out of sheer boredom. Writing a ticket for something as minor as that couldn't possibly be as important or serious as pulling over a minority group for obeying the road law.
  14. Of course! The guy who was originally pulled over will have a more kindly thought towards bikers as it got him off a ticket :p
  15. Did anyone see that cop chasing show on Prime last night, 7.30 (can't remember the name of the show).

    The cop just pulled out in front of the bike and sent the poor b@stard over the bonnet at a fairly hefty speed, sending him flying through the air, flipping a few times then across the pavement.
  16. IIRC, I saw that vid on the 'net a while ago. Was a bank robber, from memory. I loved the way the cops stopped him.

    "Here, have a motorbike for your getaway. Oops, my bad!"
  17. lol I saw it too, seems he forgot to ask for a tourer so at least he'd have some stow space to stash the cash :LOL: I bet the cops were laughing their asses off, there's no way I would get on a bike in built up USA :shock: where every vehicle is a bus or as big as one :p
  18. D STUMP those aren't foot boards, it's a stunters frame (crash bars)
  19. #20 Justus, Sep 20, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    & Cops did it to him on purpose to teach the prick a lesson. :LOL: