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Got the P's :-D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by benni boi, Aug 14, 2005.


    Well im stoked!, haven't been on here for a while because my bike has had alot of problems, so i decided to stay away or i get jealous that mines not going even by reading about it.

    Well did the 8 hour course today, had a group of 6, and did really well considering i haven't ridden for a few months and it was back on the powerhouse cb250 :roll: .
    Was a hard day just taking everything in but proved to be worth it. So now i can start saving for something bigger for the future :twisted: .
    Overall it was a good day and a good group of people, made it alot easier having other bike-riders there so we all got along as usual, and alot of encouragement was given and received by all, top day! :) .
  2. congrats on ya p's i wouldn't worry about staying away from here i've gotta wait about 2 weeks before mine arrives :evil:
  3. Congrats, benni-boy
    Hey, did you sort out the lack of oil problem on the bike??? I was just thinking about that today!
  4. Fuggit, mine will be about 6 months, tad of a difference ;)
    Thnx rc :), Haha!
    Yer thats the dramas with it, engines seized, so really need to save up so i can find a wrecked bike with decent engine and gear-box.
    Breaks my heart for being so STUPID! But i guess you gotta learn some things the hard way in life, and this way i will never forget to check my oil, and anything else for that matter.
    Will get it ran over by a mechanic to get a final diagnosis when i save up a bit more money, to get an idea of how much damage its caused.
    Just got to get a part-time job around school and gym commitments, its hard where i live.

    But will hopefully get one asap so i can get the baby up and running by summer :).

    EDIT: Question: On what grounds and reasons can you get an exemtion (however u spell it) on your P's as far as the size of your bike? Is height and weight the only valid reason, or can you come up with something else? If its weight what do you guys know of the limit?
    I do weight lifting/body-building so i could pack on 10 Kg get an exemtion then eat it off again :D
  5. yeh well that could be a bit of a difference :oops: ohh well i guess now you've got extra motivation :D
  6. Yer exactly!
    Have just been looking on bikesales.com dreaming and getting excited :)
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. Well done benni boi :D :D
  9. Congrats benni boi.

    :D :D