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Got the GS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chris4wally, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Thanks for all the advice and tips over the last couple of months guys much appreciated. Have decided to go with the gs500f and it comes on monday can't wait. Was going for the blue and white version but finally got to have a look at the black and grey model. Looks classy and decided to go with that. Look out for me cruising around Bathurst and Orange.
    Thanks again

  2. Congratulations.

    A good friend of mine swayed me to the GS500 when I was looking at buying my bike. I ended up getting the F also and I have not regretted it one bit. The size is much better as im a tall fella and its very comfortable to ride, 400+ trips are no worries.

    Enjoy it!


  3. Nice choice mate, I got myself a Silver/Black model in feb and its been a great bike so far. No problems, comfortable to ride, and enough power to keep me happy without getting myself into trouble (yet)

    I come up Bathurst way every month or so, might see ya round sometime :)
  4. well done, enjoy it :)
  5. Well done! Hope you enjoy it!

    My previous bike was a GS500K3 non faired model. It was a great bike, I rode it around the bathurst race track, and through orange too :wink:

    I did 700km+ days on that bike no problems.
  6. Nice work mate, it'll keep you happy....for a while :wink:
  7. i may very well buy a GS 500F this saturday.

    Black and silver 2005 model, K4 i think

    Everything points to them as a good first bike if the size suits ya.

    Full comp insurance aint too bad for em either.....
  8. You'll have to do a few tours and log up some ride reports for us; they will be useful for other people contemplating the same purchase.
  9. A 2005 Model would be a K5 more than likely. I don't know the GS500 model that well anymore, but my 2005 plated SV1000S is a K6.
  10. chris4wally, congrats on the purchase!
    I've got the 06 GS500 Naked in Black, and I love it to bits. Perfectly capable for everything, comfortable to ride - enough to keep me ahead of all the cagers :)

    Many happy km's ahead!
  11. cool man :grin: I brought '07 500F in white/blue a little bit back and already clocked up 2200kms :p still on my L's but will do the advanced course in the next couple of weeks, hopefully...... and pass.... :wink:
  12. Enjoy.

    I stuck mine out for about 5 years - if it does what you want they're good.

    No bike is perfect, and no bike is forever. Enjoy it until you feel it's time for something new then ditch it as soon as you're over it. there is always a market for these things.
  13. I did buy my GS500F on saturday.

    yes, it's a K5.

    yes, it's great !!