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Got the GPX back :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scope, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. picked it up this arvo, all fixed up, serviced, tuned, and looking great!

    Massive thanks to Tim from InTune (the workshop behind BikeMart)!!

    he's got my baby running sweeter than it has in a long time, and did me a great deal on it all too!

    /me is a happy camper :)
  2. Now you can give back that old NSR... bet that sweetens it further!
  3. OK, no more extended storage and panel pollishing for a long time...enjoy
  4. Great news Scopey! :)
  5. Well Done Scope.

    Keep safe out there :)
  6. Now that you have your bike in A1 condition, why don’t you remove the magnets that attract cars!!!! Too many people have them hidden on there bikes!!!! I even know some one that has ones JUST for taxis)
    Good to see you’re happy with the repairs!
  7. Congrats Scope.

    Hopefully you'll have some luck now...
  8. Good to hear Scope! 8)

    I can't resist so I'm going to say it.....

    Going to start pacticing your counter steering and swerving now? :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    ......I'm guessing I've only got 4 days to live now and I was sooo looking forward to heading down to Tassie. :cry:
  9. good to hear scope , welcome back

    phanoogy , where are they bloody hidden ? :LOL:
  10. Fantastic Scope! Get back on a real bike :D
  11. Good to hear you're back on your own two wheels again Scope :)
  12. Heh heh... Not bad man
  13. Congrats Scope stay safe!
  14. On your bike, I think its in the paint!