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Got the day off - too wet!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Given it has rained torrents for the last 12 hours straight, I was not looking forward to this mornings ride in... :shock:

    My backyard is flooded, it is still raining extremely heavily and I had to spend 20 minutes before I left waterproofing my waterproof clothes with gaffa tape... :LOL:

    Just as I put the helmet on, with the rain washing away the topsoil from my front yard, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket... I took the helmet off to answer, and it was someone from work (knowing that I only can get in by bike) telling me that most of the roads into surfers were half flooded and it was too dangerous for me to ride in (no arguments there!). Talk about a reprieve.

    So there you go... :)
  2. What are you going to do on your day off...I know...Go for a ride!!!
  3. Hey Ashes,

    I know what you mean. I rode during 3months of CONSTANT rain - ELNINJO......... 3 flippin months :eek: :eek: Day after day after day :?
  4. That is a nice reprive 8) . I rode in my first proper strorm yesterday to find my 100% waterproof jacket was not 100% waterproof. I took it back yesterday arvo and got a new one which should do the job.
  5. Hey Skuff,

    My missus just called me and told me how she floated down the street to work with waves lapping her car... i'm not kidding!

    I don't mind heavy rain either, but the bike doesn't sail that well :LOL:
  6. When it rains up there, it RAINS!!!!
    oh well, lotsa netrider posts from the dan man today, I guess.
  7. hey, i don't have to be at home to post all day long... :LOL:
  8. you lucky sob ;)
  9. Hey Dan,

    Are you serious :eek: :eek: :eek: Hmm, I am thinkign the ride weekend I am planning for the 6th/7th, I may need to put a snorkle on the bike :LOL: :LOL:

    WATERPROOFING - Sorry guys, but nothing is 100% waterproof....... In conditions where it is constant rain and riding for more than hour, you will have water seeping in through the stitching... :cry:
  10. What about the garbage bag poncho? :LOL:
  11. Hey Dan, any fish in that river :eek: :LOL:
  12. where i live (manly-brissy) has had 130mm of rain in the last 24 hours. i know clevland has had a shitload cause i was driving round in it last night. coolangatta (just north of boarder) has had 300mm in the last 24 hours and is continueing to get 80mm every hour. my dad is stuck on the way down there at a servo somewhere, it's flooding around the servo, he said there are cars 3-5foot under water. He'd leave (has a patrol so he can, probably just to prove it) but he said its raining that hard that you cant see 2 m in front of you to know where the road is. It's fined up a lot in brisbane, only spitting, but it was said there is more to come on and off until tomorrowish.

    haha Dan just put some traks from the front wheel to the back and take a mate skurfing,

    couple of years ago there was a boat and ski-ers on a soccer field in capalaba. crazy shit. love to be out there doing something stupid.

    but noooo...... :( at work, bored outta my mind. on netrider all day for another day...
  13. Ah, the garbage bag poncho, how well I remember. They have baled me out on more than one ocassion.

    First bag has the corners cut off and a hole in the middle for your neck, and corners cut off the 2nd bag for your legs.

    Yes, it works!!!

    I always carry a couple of garbage bags when I travel. They are useful for all sorts of reasons.
  14. Beautiful one day under water the next!!!!!! :D
  15. been pouring down here in sydney today and has been soggy for the past week, nothing as bad as QLD. I saw on the news they got hammered. Hope all of yall over there are A-OKAY