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Got the bike now the license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mrorbid1, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. I've made a couple of posts so far but thought why not say hi properlyso a big hello to all those in netrider land :cool:

    Anyway after reading the various netrider forums for the past 3 months (thanks to everyone who puts in their 2 cents i found it all helped) i found and bought my first bike, and against a lot of pplz opinions i ended up with a honda V25 why? because i couldnt take my eyes of it and it was the right price. Got it home yesterday and havent stopped polishin yet!

    Now i just gotta get my license so i can take my pride and joy for a proper ride (find the driveway not quite long enough to open her up).
  2. haha yer hurry and get your license!! You won't get off it again till you upgrade :grin: :grin:
  3. .. i mean off the bike, not the license :eek:
  4. I've got the licence, I'm just waiting for the bike.

    My brand spankin' new GPX250R should be arriving on Wednesday.
  5. Be sure to post up some pics.
    and you too scottie.
    It's nice to show off.
  6. Awesome choice there, Hondas are good mate, they look like a mini Vrod, but have the same wheelbase as a 750 cruiser whilst being 250...yet so light and handles well for a cruiser...I was going to get the similar Kawasaki Eliminator V250 but decided on the bigger Honda 600. Which mind you is the nearly the same wheelbase as the V25!!!!

    Not sure if they make pipes for them yet though but Ebay is your friend...otherwise theres the drilled baffles method but I wouldn't recommend that unless you had a spare exhaust....

    But keep it stock and enjoy riding, thats what its there for
  7. When you booked in to get em?
  8. booked in for this weekend.

    And i'm keepin the pipes standard(until i can find sumthin louder and shinier) :twisted: was tempted to tamper with the baffles but sanity prevailed :(
  9. All the best this w/end. [​IMG]
  10. I booked my course in about 2 months ago (the waiting here is insane!!!) because i new it would be ages before i could do it.... (friend told me the line was huge..)

    In that time i bought my CBR250RR which is still down the coast waiting for me.

    My course runs over the 24 and 25 and right after i finish in Sunday, we go to pick it up.

    after almost 2months of waiting im on the home stretch, I only have.... 2 weeks, 3 days and 21min to go from the time of this post, but who's counting.

  11. know how you feel cant ride mine till monday after i do the bloody comp test at the rta. but i just got all rego and insurance done so as soon as i get home after it'll be nothing but :biker:
  12. A whole weekend to polish that little beaut. She is gonna blind someone on Monday! :cool:
  13. Passed stay upright on the weekend and the rider knowledge at 9 this mornin so i can finally jump on the bike :biker: Unfortunatley i have to wait till after work :mad: when will the waiting end :cry:
  14. Yeah I had a v25. Great looking bike, they look better than a lot of much bigger cruisers. Little kids go mental for them.

    My advice is never to push it though, they may look good but they don't handle much.
  15. Congrats!! :cool: Hope you have a nice first ride when ever it will be!

    so u have L's or P's??
  16. congratulations :D