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Got terrorised on the Monash yesterday arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. After a great ride up Mt D, and a few laps of Mountain Hwy with PNUT I headed back home, via a small detour through Lysterfield and back along the Monash.

    I was in the inside lane and approaching the Police Rd On-ramp when a white van came along the ramp to merge onto the freeway. I was watching him and keeping a constant speed. He was slightly behind me (effectively in my blind spot) as the 2 lanes started to come together, then he acclerated and dropped into my lane in front of me. I just sighed and came off the throttle a little.

    I started to go to toward the centre lane and looked up the lane past the van to see what was in front of him. Then I saw him staring at me in his wing mirror and move so his wheels were either on the lane divider/cats eyes or in the centre lane. Then he tapped his brakes to try and make me brake, but I wasn't close enough to have to worry. I was setting up to change lanes into the centre when he hit the brakes longer and harder.

    realising this guy was a loon, I then changed across the centre lane and into the outside lane, wanting to really keep my distance. As I was level with him, I looked across the centre lane to the guy and shook my head in disbelief and accelerated away. About a minute or so later, there he was SCREAMING up behind me and into the centre lane, and VERY nearly side swiped me as he was screaming his head off at me leaning out the window. He was SO mad his head had turned red.

    I flipped him the bird and sped off. He chased again, but I took an off ramp and never saw him again.

    This guy simply snapped cause I dared to give him a shake of the head at his obvious stupidity. PSYCHOOOOOOOO.
  2. Get his plate??

    Call the cops.

    That sort of shit is just not on.
  3. unfortunately I didn't, was too concerned with not getting anywhere near this madman.
  4. C'mon, I'd be pretty pissed off too if I had to drive around in a van all day.
  5. Fair call. Shame though...

    Let's just hope the embolism in his brain popped and made a mess of him...
  6. DOWN !
  7. "Some day this war's gonna end...." Colonel Kilgore 1968.
  8. How the hell a guy in a van thought he could chase a bike, much less an 800! He must be several bottles short of a sixpack.

    You did the right thing to stay out of his way. He sounds just a little unstable, and very dangerous.
  9. what McBigg said
    Squirt the throttle and get outta there!
  10. Your posts are classic. They always crack me up :LOL:

    But yeah, good idea just trying to avoid him and get away from him ASAP. Some people just have real problems, they might have had a bike rider cut them off or something at another time then they feel like they have to take an agressive attitude towards all bikers.
  11. You did good Doonksy babe :)

    I hope this Wan*er realizes what hes like b4 he does the same to some poor learner, or a bike that hasn't got the power to get away from him
    :cry: :evil:
  12. I'm sure a hit and run would have resulted if it was myself or another new learner... ;( glad it wasn't me! (the wind is struggle enough to have control of)
    glad you're safe mate!
  13. er....Which bike would that be, a pocket bike?
  14. Was it a painters van ?

    I once had a similar experience with a guy in a white van, the lights had just turend red and everyone was about to stop and I started splitting to the front. This white van started to squeeze me , probably to stop me from splitting, it was getting dangerously tight so I taped his van with an open hand.
    As soon as I got through and I was in front he went MENTAL, screaming, making signs, tooting the horn, jumping all over the place in his van.
    Maybe he forgot his meds :-k
    He wanted to come out and get physical, I just ignored him from then on but he continued to go all crazy in his van, everyone around us was staring at him !!
    When the lights went green I took off and never saw him again.

    Maybe the same psyco ???

  15. I've had a few idiots in vans (and toorak tractors) tail gate me. Or try to squeeze me out when lanesplitting. I usually just go around then give it the berries and watch them dissapear in my mirror.
  16. Bring on compulsory psychological profiling for drivers...too wacky and no licence for you.
    Seriously, these traits can be picked up easily, iyt's about time people like this were banned from driving.

    Regards, Andrew.

  17. :LOL:
    Hahahaha. Yes!

    And for owning a pet and having kids too!
  18. Don't bother. The cops are a total waste of time.

    A fruit pickers van tried to kill me in Coldstream last year. All because I dared turn around and look at him after he nearly drove into the side of me. No, I didn't give him the finger, or do anything more evil than swivel in my seat and turn and look. He takes it upon himself to go on the gravel shoulder at 70+ and try to pull into my (the only) lane. I just gave the bike a blip and then staring back at him. Seriously, if I couldn't have just pulled away, he would have pushed me into oncoming traffic.

    I went into Lilydale police station where I tried to report it. Number plate and all, but they were not interested. This pissed me off and the copper told me to calm down or she would walk away and close the door. So, what little respect I had remaining for the police evaporated more or less there and then.

    It occurred to me I should have reported him to the EPA for dropping a cigarette end or having a smokey exhaust. At least then someone would have had a chat with him. Pathetic.

    [/End Rant]
  19. Man what a nutter... I had some p plater chick come across on me yesterday and when i shook my head the boyfriend (i assume) decided to give me the bird and go off.. I pointed for them to pull over as i just wanted to educate them in the rd laws, :grin: but for some reason they seemed a little worried.. :twisted: Grrrr....
  20. i've had it go both ways, from uninterested coppers, to interested. if you have the plate, then if they won't take a complaint, tell them you want to file charges. they are public servants, they can like it, or lump it. you may not be successful, but the nuisance factor alone might wake the jerks up