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Got t-boned this morning, but ok and not badly injured

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bookisred, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Hey I got T-boned today ! heading into work this morning, thankfully I wasn't badly injured my helment and leather jacket coped a beating though as well as my bike bike which got pretty much mangled ... I'm so pissed off about it, luckily I was doing the speed limit (as always) in 17 years of riding I never had a serious prang.. a few near miss' though. It was like a scence from an action movie, I hit the front and bounced off the bonnet of the car and slid into the gutter, anyway I can't wait to get my bike back from the repairers once fixed.. funny enough this has given me more confidence now and definitely hasn't detered me from riding again. Just goes to show you that no matter how safe you ride and how much you can anticipante other peoples mistakes one can never say "it won't happen to me" stay safe

  2. :eek: Damn mate sorry to hear about the bike but glad to hear you're not hurt.

    Did ambulance and police attend?
  3. wow... you should go get fully checked out but glad to hear you walked away from it... are you sure they will not just write the bike off?
  4. yeah the police and the paramedics attendend, apart from a bruised leg and elbow I was given the all clear, thanks to Rizoma crash bungs my er6 took the impact pretty well considering.
  5. Jeepers. That’s my worst nightmare, being T-Boned (or T-boning) someone. Very glad to hear you walked away from it, matey. My ex once T Boned a truck on his R6. Not pretty at all…
  6. Mate, that sux. Really sorry to hear about it.

    Where did it happen?

  7. That's a b!tch, and then some. Glad you came out of it in one piece, if a little battered and bruised. Walking away from any accident is a good thing.

    Eitherway(bike fixed or replaced), hope it's not too long till you're riding again.

    Hope the rest of your Christmas/New Year gets a whole lot better :wink: .
  8. Can you run through what happened, I'm having a little difficulty in assimilating what you've said with being t-boned.
  9. Glad to see you were not badly injured.
    +1 stewy
  10. Glad you're up and about. I've been a T bone victim and luckily was OK although needed an ambo with their tasty morphine!

    Hope your bike comes good and you keep on bikin'.
  11. am i correct in that you actually t boned the car? so in effect you were the T-Boner as opposed to the T-Bonee?
    mmm T bone. now im hungry.

    Glad to hear your alright. Lemme guess they didnt see you?
  12. I'm with Jazz & TP not sure if you were T-boned or you were the one who T-Boned them! (In best Pauline Hanson voice tone) Please explain!
  13. to contact the front of a car and then land on the bonnet plus comments about "the other guys mistake and the title of "I got t-boned" one would have to surmise that he was hit by the car. Car drives into you, thus you hit the front of the car and land on the bonnet before being punted into the facing gutter.

    good news that you won't spend christmas stuck in a bed mate.
  14. I certainly feel lucky the young lady in the laser was more shocked than I was when she hit my bike and saw me flying over her bonnet she was horrified to say the least - one word of advice I can give to newbie drivers or riders is "that if in doubt do not proceed out".
  15. So you were collected by someone entering an intersection without looking.

    Okay, so if you were travelling quicker she likely would have missed you altogether and if you were slower, you may have gone into the side of the car or had to take evasive action.

    Travelling at the speed limit seems to have been a contributing factor to you getting collected.

    Glad you're in one piece but no need to be philisophical about the incident. She didn't look and deserves to pay for the repairs to your bike and have enough of a life altering experience to never repeat the mistake.