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Got stopped by a bike cop this morning...and didn't mind.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. I was back on the bike today after a few days caging, and got pulled over by a police bike in West Perth immediately after a little light splitting. I assumed I was about to be busted, but in fact he just stopped me to tell me I had left a key in the lock of one of my panniers and he thought it might fall out. I just thought I'd mention it given all the flak the cops usually get on Netrider, not least from me..........

  2. All good back on the bike and friendly cops. :grin:
  3. What a nice bloke! Great to see him caring about the welfare of motorists and offering assistance to the community.

    They must have transferred him to WA out of the Vic force quick-****in'-smart, ay?
  4. Bring on more cops like this guy.
    I pulled up at the lights at an intersection the other day (1st in queue) and a moto-cop was in the lane immediately beside me (also 1st in queue)... I gave him a nod (uncharacteristically of me, I had my visor up) and he shook his head at me (like "nah-uh... no you don't")... was a bit peeved at that.
  5. Maybe he thought you were subtly proposing a drag race?
  6. Do WA cops ride BMWs or ST1300's ???

    If the former, I reckon its a BMW gay-brotherly love thing ! :LOL:
  7. +1... thats why i used to wave its hard to miss interpret a hello wave.
  8. Its nice to hear about the positive police encounters. Good one!
  9. ST1300's, and just for accuracy, the pillow biters prefer Harleys. How many BMW,s do you see parading at the Gay Mardi Gras?
  10. amazing and I also believe Haleys Comet comes around every few hundred years
  11. I always wave to bike cops, I mean they are bikers after all it's just that they work for the dark side !
  12. Slightly O/T, I saw a couple of Ambo bikers this morning, do you think they get the irony of them going squid???
  13. At least they can treat themselves at the scene LOL ! What do you say ? I know that if I pulled up beside them I would say something be it an Ambo, or a Bike cop.
  14. sorry huys, im only new, but is there like some sort of respect rule that you wave when another bike goes past or something?

    i know people do that in cars when in the country, but ive never heard of in with bikes?
  15. Lol u must be from sydney
  16. i had more nods in sydney then i've had in brisbane. such an ignorant bunch here :LOL:
  17. Well they are QLDers and they probably think you are a southerner in which case you are lucky they didn't shoot you.

    (ps. I have a right to whinge, I lived there for a year and copped shit from narrow-minded assholes about being a southerner every single day I was there! So up yours QLD!)
  18. IMO you are being narrow minded by assuming that QLDers has some issue with southerners.
  19. Maybe, but only because a very hard year spent up there left me with no other conclusion to draw!
  20. SO, moral of the story, bikers nod to each other and say hello...