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Got sprayed with metal cutting discs

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TRA, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Decided to take the long way home yesterday. For the QLD guys, down kingsford smith drive so I could take a run up the highway to boondall exit.

    Anyway, get to the airport overpass on the highway, cruising along, small 3.5t truck hits a bump and then a whole bunch of shit comes out the back. Next thing there is metal abrasive cutting discs coming at me from every direction, and then bouncing off the concrete divider and coming back at me. Just to top it off a car towing a trailer that was behind the truck decides he does not want to be there any more and cuts me off. On the picks with another car behind me scaring me. Then old mate towing the trailer decides he is going to go slow next to the truck and abuse the driver..

    Dont know I how i missed it all. Managed to run over one disc and thast it.

  2. nice work. sounds like an interesting ride home
  3. Sounds like you're very lucky....lotto ticket time methinks :)

    After washing out the trousers of course lol
  4. did you pick some of the discs up to take home and use?

    i would have...
  5. would of been awesome on a helmet cam +mic.....
  6. Would not have let the driver get away with that - I would have pulled him over (Have pulled over two garbage trucks on my CBR600 and one on my ZZR250, both for similar situations, garbage falling out and hitting me) and gone aaaaape shit, certainly have called the police.

    You are very, very lucky.
  7. Wow - that's a very freaky thing to have happen. Very lucky! Good to hear you're alright mate.
  8. Beware of the Ninja truck
  9. yup, i'd have pulled them over or at least gotten rego

    very lucky mate. time for a lotto ticket
  10. Shit like this only happens in movies!!
  11. Sounds like you did rather well in the circumstances, even if you did cut it fine.
  12. Actually something like it, although perhaps not as serious, happens to many riders eventually.

    I have had a three metre length of aluminium slide of the roof racks of a tradies ute in front of me, when he took off from the lights. I was just lucky I was in the right wheel track, and not the left, so didn't get skewered, or get it caught in the front wheel.

    Avoid being behind any tradie or open backed truck if you can.
  13. They guy with the trailer who cut me off made the truck pull over. Nothing happened to me, so figured no point stopping. Was just keen to keep riding.
  14. Always watch out for unsecured loads. I wish this was enforced more, but some people (tradies, DIYers and I-don’t-give-a-crap delivery men) still wouldn’t care.

    A recent experience of mine happened while I was travelling down the Gateway Motorway a few months back, as I was passing through the roadworks just past Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd. I was sitting behind a crappy ute towing an even crappier trailer, very, very weather worn and had tires that looked like they had been inflated to 5psi. The ute was lugging around painting supplies and plaster board, mostly in the trailer, none of it secured. Just as I was thinking “it isn’t safe behind this joker, I should merge over into the right lane”, his trailer’s left wheel hit a bump. All in less then 3 seconds, the left tire went pop, sparks come flying out from underneath the trailer as the axle went snap, and sheets of plaster board come flying at me. Quick reaction (more luck then skill in this case) got me out of the way of the flying plaster board, which had a beeline for my front wheel. As I dodge, I notice this flying paint tin whizz past my head (lucky!), only to slap into the 4WD behind me (quick mirror check revealed that there was now white paint all over his car and windshield!). I am now thinking “GTFOOT!”, and I move into the right lane and start to pass to ute. A quick look into the cabin, and it is clear that the inhabitants have worked out they are in the crap – the driver is trying, hard as he can, to gun it out of there (with an accompanying black cloud coming from the ute’s exhaust), his companion is looking out the back, over his shoulder, with what can only be described as an expression of pure terror. I power on, and leave, not hard really, crappy utes towing trailers with broken axles make for bad get away vehicles. As I depart, I look in the mirror it is clear that someone else worked out the ute was trying to leg it, has overtaken him and cut off his escape route.

    Would have been hilarious if I wasn’t so close to the action. Lesson here is if a load doesn’t look secure, don’t hang around behind to find out for sure.
  15. I was once riding along at st kilda road into the city. At around elwood the ute in front of me hit a pothole and out of the back jumped a friggin hammer :eek:hno:. Swear to go it was just like dodgeball. Y'know "if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball" kinda shit. Anyway pulled over got the hammer and am still using it today. It's acutally quite a good one.
  16. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - starring TRA and the cutting disk.
  17. I remember years ago as an apprentice, before I was old enough to drive. Was a passenger in the service van heading toward the gold coast when a truck tyre decided to explode. That thing cracked the windsreen, smashed a headlight and indicator and did panel damage. Since then, trucks have always made me nervous.
  18. My experience has been one of those foam padding, the very light/white stuff. Saw it coming a mile away and decided to go through it and over it. No damage to my car and no shaken nerves. Pulled the ute over and the driver couldnt be arsed cleaning up the mess, told me it wont damage anything and left.
  19. When that happens just take a photo of the vehicle and the mess, and send it to the EPA. He will probably clean it up the next time.
  20. Yeah didnt think of that. I actually wouldnt have bothered myself. The way I look at it is that the guy would be in trouble from his boss anyway, I also wouldnt have be able to live with myself if the guy followed my directions and got run over. Anyway it wasnt a biggie and no damage to anyone.