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Got speeding fine but no fine for riding above 250cc

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wang chung, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. What ya reckon?
    Anyone been in the same situation?

    fine from a copper by the way.

  2. PWND!

    I say you got away lightly. How badly did you get done for speeding though?
  3. 123 in 100 zone :)

    He even asked me how many cc it is :?
  4. Quite possible that the copper didn't realise or care. Or he maybe he's been brainwashed by our misguided politicians into thinking that speed is the only danger on our road, and the offence of breaking your restrictions paled in comparison to the 5km/h over the limit you may have been doing. :p

    EDIT: I see, 23km/h over. Well clearly then as you were 32 times more likely to have an accident than if you were travelling at the limit (5km/h over doubles risk, right? :p) the restriction violation was truly insignificant.
  5. Geez, sounds as if the cops have been after a few riders lately....

    I wonder if the next thread will be "fined for speeding, but not for weaving and riding above 250"
  6. Yeah, i think Tenoq's right in this instance (damnit :p ).
    He saw your speeding ticket as 'enough punishment for today' and probably flagged your numberplate as a 'screw him next time' for the restriction violation.

    Either that, or they FINALLY realised that if there's hundreds of P-plate drivers violating their restrictions (turbo? oh noes!), then a couple of restricted riders doing the same isn't so bad after all.
  7. Did you tell him how many cc's your bike was? And probably more importantly, did he notice that you had a restricted licence?
  8. he asked me how many CC it was, didnt say anything about my license
  9. Yeah i got done for about the same speed on the hume. Restricted licence , no mirrors, plate on a bearly readable angle, rego label under the seat.

    He just gave me the fine and worded me up where the next two lots of coppers were down the road. One of the very few coppers ive come across who just did his job and didnt be a cock about it :grin:
  10. Are you on your full licence, but have condition "E" - 260cc motorcycle engine size restriction ?
  11. Ok, fine... i'll say it...

    What? Stuck in first gear or second? :p

    I'm pretty positive the ZX9's wind out in first gear to about 115, and i know my FZR1000 does a teency bit over 100 in first. :twisted:
  12. probaly sitting in 6th lol =/
  13. Are you going to point out their mistake?
  14. :shock: you mongrel when did you get a 9? :shock: got pics? how did you afford that especially since you've still got the zzr. mmmmm must be a bit of fun compared to the baby z, except for the fine part :grin:
  15. Congratulations. You have now joined the ranks of all the other stupid people who can't seem to control their childish desires to act in ways that result in criticism of all bike riders and lead to trouble for all.

    Weather you agree with it or not the law is the law. You not only sped on the road during the most dangerouse period of the year but also did it on a bike that you legaly had no right to be on.

    You stupid idiot. You should have lost your licence for the rest of your stupid life but instead your on this site boasting about it.
  16. He did the wrong thing, he got a fine. Thats how it works.

    Who are you to call him an idiot? :? If theres an idiot here it aint mat, thats for sure :wink:
  17. :rofl:

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh.
  18. *pokes stick at the angry man and then runs off* :p :bolt:
  19. that would then be a $105 fine, and no demerits I think.