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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Lugo, May 18, 2012.

  1. Set off this afternoon early for my afternoon shift at work, thinking I might grab some lunch on the way to eat at work before I start. What a good idea I thought that was, completely eliminating the need to worry about making it on time leaving 45 mins early (so 3:15pm).

    Got about 500m from home (literally around the corner), coming into a school zone following a commodore wagon. As we approach the crossing, which is right where the main entrance is for the school the commodore pulls to the kerb in the no standing zone after all the parked cars, immediately prior to the crossing. No indicator, but I thought nothing of that, they rarely do and as the car was basically perfectly lined up to the kerb and come to nearly a complete stop, I made the assumption they were stopping to pick someone up on that side and proceeded to pass.

    As I glanced at the crossing lady on the right I noticed in the left corner of my vision this wagon is moving again! In a split second I'd realised that again without indication the driver has decide to perform a u-turn, over the solid white line right in front of the crossing. I made an attempt to move right while braking, realised they'd definitely not seen me at all and jammed the brakes on, before collecting the rear drivers door not a moment later. To my surprise, the driver didn't even stop on impact, he continued to turn, pushing the bike both to the right and slightly backwards, forcing me to propel myself off the pegs and onto the ground in a twisting motion, left shoulder first then onto my back. I even felt the rear wheel of the car rub against my helmet as I landed on the pavement.

    What were the classic words to come straight out of the drivers mouth? "I'm so sorry mate I didn't even see you there!" Course you didnt..

    Fortunately for me I would've been travelling at all of 20-25km/h when I first reacted, and would've been lucky to be doing 10km/h on impact. Walked away unscathed, jacket has seen better days with nice big scrapes along the shoulder armor, as has the bike which is now missing a mirror and indicator, broken front fairing and pushed in headlight, along with a bent brake lever and scrapes down the left had side on the fairings, handlebar, exhaust and so on. Could be worse I like to say. Probably going to have a month or so to think about it though before I get back on a bike :(
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  2. Damn mate, sorry to hear you had a down due to an idiot, that said, they must have done the u turn very fast to collect you. I'm sorry for you that it happened, i would have been well pissed. Here's hoping they'll pay for damages.
  3. Being a school zone people have a tendency to drive like they're in a mad rush, and put their foot into it to get around in gaps when they arise. It's a busy road at school times so the opportunities to pull a u-turn especially there is extremely hard. The driver said that he looked in his mirror and saw no one so turned.

    Best bit of the whole situation is it's a loan car insurance has provided his mum while her's is in for repair. He wasn't supposed to be driving it as is, and didn't have his P plates up either. I dare say the mirrors weren't adjusted from where his mother has them either. Safe to assume their excess will be either extremely high, or he'll be forking the whole bill, in addition to the 2 fines he received from highway patrol today, who attended the crash. Either way I've got full comprehensive on the bike, so I've made the not at fault claim and I'll leave it to them to decide how they get their money, I just want my bike fixed.

    A couple of photos to show the stupid positioning of where they driver tried to turn and the impact point and damage done to the car.


  4. Aww man I always cringe when I hear a story like that. That really sucks but I'm glad to hear your ok.
  5. One thing I'm not sure about is how the insurance company will deal with the issue. Being a near new bike (it's not quite 8 months old yet), it's still well within the new bike replacement period through Swann Insurance. I'm assuming that's only the case if the bike is written off which I'm assuming this won't be, but at the same time I'm thinking it'll never be quite the same again, which is going to effect resale value and all :( What can you do I suppose.
  6. shit luck mate! let me know, i'm happy to help you out. just shoot me a fb message/text
  7. Yeah unfortunately your probably right. I think they will only replace it if they can't repair it.
  8. that's definitely looking like a repair job....
  9. All in all, sounds like you had a really lucky escape. Glad you're ok and the damage is minor.

    Had something slightly similar a few months back. Came up behind a taxi that begun to indicate a right turn. This was directly opposite an entrance to a car park so assumed he was turning in there. I positioned my self to move passed on the left hand side only for him to start moving over to the left.

    I then started to move over to the right while slowing down. He then begins his u-turn right across me. I came to a stop pretty much pointed directly at the drivers door. Not until I sounded the horn did he then notice me.

    Turns out yellow auto paint creates a 320° degree blind spot when it's applied to falcons.
  10. Glad you're okay mate that's the most important thing....the bike can and will be repaired.

    Let this be a learning experience - let it sink in - and never let it be done to you again

    Keep safe - chin up.......well done for reading the situation,
  11. Presti, cheers for that mate, I'll be sure to get in touch should I need any advice ;)

    I know what you mean with Taxi's, I've had a couple of close calls with their ridiculous behaviour, car and bike.

    A lot of the frustration is lost in this situation knowing that I really had no options to avoid the collision. I mean I probably could have hung back longer to see what the car was doing, but I was already about 2 car lengths back and I didn't accelerate as the crossing ahead doubles as a speed hump. Just one of those shit out of luck situations I think.

    Only other thing I can say is I'm glad to be so particular about gear. I've no doubt the helmet, jacket, pants/knee pads, boots and gloves in addition to my backpack all played a major role in walking away without a hospital visit. Fingers crossed I don't have any issues replacing the damaged gear either. The pants and knee pads are fine, along with the gloves and boots, but the jacket has some pretty significant scrapes along with a fair dent in the armor, and the helmet, whilst no visible damage externally, did make contact with the car in the fall. Here's hoping they're pretty reasonable especially when I'm not the at fault party, and I do pay extra for helmet cover as well.
  12. Glad you're ok. Glad the speed was low, and the kid didn't manage to run over you. It's great that you have an insurance company to go in to bat for you. Even in a case where you're not at fault, getting money out of the other guy is a hassle you can do without. Whether he's insured or not, they'll get out of paying if they can. It's also good that the cops showed up. Make sure you get the traffic incident number. Chase them up for it if you have to.

    This is what you pay big bucks for insurance for - so they look after you when you need it.
  13. Can even see where the right handlebar got dragged further, as the cager didnt even stop - as you said.

    Just glad you're ok. Hope you're back on your pegs soon.
  14. I go through two school zones each day and it's were I am most alert because they are the worst drivers on the planet. And to back this up on one zone the police are there at least twice a week to book speeding drivers and illegal turns. And they book them by the numbers.

    I'm sorry but people with kids are the most dangerous on the road that I have come across. I have plenty of go pro footage to back up my argument. #retards

    Good to hear you're okay.
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  15. I'm sorry to say it mate, but this accident sounds like it was entirely your fault.

    Firstly, it sounds the driver looked but couldn't see you because his mirrors weren't set up very well. There is a case law that states that a driver can't give way to what he can't see. Thus he couldn't have been at fault.

    Secondly, I think it's fair to assume you were doing 8kph over the speed limit. As this means that you were in fact travelling faster than light does, it was impossible for the driver to see you anyway. It's very frustrating, because people keep telling us riders to just slow down, but people like you never listen!

    I guess what I'm trying to say, on a more serious note, is that I'm surprised you managed to get the Victorian police to charge him with anything.
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  16. Nice GPS mounted on the bike, is it Tom Tom? Or it's just a bag?
  17. Also from the tyre marks do I detect a hint of previous drifting going on near that crossing?
  18. amazed police attended.
    glad they did'nt take the opportunity to relate the incident to their newly imposed laws of physics. possibly did'nt want to put blame on a live victim. easier to blame a dead one.

    really would'nt expect a u-turn in that photo. but the drivers behaviour pre u-turn is basically how you interpret imminent u-turn.

    glad you're ok. take the little bastard for everything. any time off work. any cost to you whatsoever.
  19. I'll have to make a point of contacting the station for the incident number, didn't think to get it at the time.

    jack, that made me laugh! You know its entirely possible that if I wiped off 8km/h I may have avoided the collision. In fact, if I just stopped and walked the bike through the school zone I definitely could have avoided the collision. Some things just don't seem practical at the time though! Wonder why.

    The police booked him for no P plates and making a dangerous u-turn. I think they really had no choice on the latter given the location, the first could have been at their discretion. They came down because I called and insisted on it, he didn't have his licence or any other ID on him and I refused to leave without knowing for sure that I had correct details for insurance.

    creampuff, the TomTom you see is actually just my phone case and mount, I just didn't bother taking the cover off when I pulled my phone out to make some calls after. Kinda glad the phone was in there, would probably have been broken in my pocket otherwise.

    And yes I regularly drift on the bike in that location, no wonder I got taken out eventually!

    Work is really got in this situation because my direct manager rides as does one of my colleagues, who's had a couple of off's. So they're no strangers to what happens after an accident and are completely supportive throughout. Good to have no concerns on that end after these sorts of events.
  20. Glad you're okay.

    I'm insured with Swann and after my recent SMIDSY incident I supplied them with pix and details (web links) of my damaged clothes with prices. I lost Draggin jeans, Dianese jacket, T-shirt and Rossi boots as a result of the crash. Swann reimbursed me for the clothing along with the value of my written-off VTR250 with no hassles. So there shouldn't be when they'll get it all back from the other party.

    BTW, where did you get the clear indicators for your GS?