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Got Screwed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. not just talking about paying to much for my bike,

    Got home from my holiday early to have sunday off before work and go for a ride and I picked up a one inch screw, well i found it yesterday anyway. right in the middle of the tyre in the tread gap.

    I had to pump it up twice over 2 15km trips. had to pull up a bit hard and the back wheel was rolling round like jelly on a blow up mattress. interesting tho.

    just curious if its worth getting a new tyre. the tyre has only done around 1000kms. should i patch it? take it to the shop and get them to patch it up with some nice hot rubber or get a new tyre? have a small lack of funding atm due to car rego and bike insurance.

    being sunday, no one is open :evil: wasn't happy.
  2. Hey, a screws a screw. Take what you can get.

    but seriously, you can buy plu kits from most bike stores.

    I keep meaning to get one to carry with the bike.

    On a front tyre I'd take it pretty easy untill you can afford to replace it. And check your pressure regully.

    The bike shops don't use hot rubber that I know off. Vulcanising is a thing they used to do to rubber tubes, when they were made of rubber.

    What a bike shop does is the same as the kit.
  3. sorry i didn't really specify, it was the back tyre. thats why it was wobbling round when i pulled up a bit hard.
    thanks ibast.

    i'll be looking into that tonight.. sucks when you get home at 5.

  4. happened to me on a bloody brand new $300 tyre ..

    still bought a new one though, best not to risk it
  5. yup as Androo says best not too risk it treat them as a low profile tyre on a car ya better orf breplacing it cause its your arse out there mate
  6. Depends on where the hole is. If it's in the tread, I've gotten mine patched up and rode it like nothing happened. Bob Jane in the city patched up both my tyres front and back when they got a nail/screw in them.
  7. They can be reliably plugged if it's a radial.

    There's also one brand on the market - can't remember which sorry - that offers some kind of replacement guarantee if you hole the tyre early in the piece.
  8. I went down to Cycle Right last night after work to have a chat and they'll put a plug in it for me for nothing, i think. needs a new front tyre as well. i just need the money.

    took it down there this morning, and i'm gonna pick it up after work. might be able to ride it in tomorrow.

    gonna leave a bit early so i should be at work at 6 45, beats all the traffic and then in the afternoon leave at 4, so the traffic won't be bad either ride.

    I'd like to be able to just buy a new tyre...
  9. I'm unsure if Beaurepairs sell bike tyres or not (I can only assume they do!), but I purchased tyre insurance from them when I bought my last set of treads for the car. It covers you for any punctures etc, and they will replace the tyre free if it's not repairable.

    I know it's no good to you now, but if you buy another tyre maybe ask about it? Was around 10% of the value of the tyres I believe...

  10. Nope Beau's dont sell bike tyres but...

    my mate works there and i can get a full set of new tyres for the car off him for like $200 bucks but he can't do a thing for my bike...
  11. If the damage is right in the middle of the tread, I'd be tempted to have it plugged and ride it carefully till I could afford a new one.

    But a new tyre is still the preferred option.
  12. the guys that are putting mine in have put a few of them in tyres. the chick i bought it off, her bf blew 2 of em out. but he's a pretty quick rider.
    i forget what bike but it was a 1000cc

    yeah its right in the middle between the tread. if i had some money and the tyre wasn't near new i'd just change it straight up.

    cant wait to get back on the bike. gonna go for a lil ride around tonight.