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Got Scorpion Race Gear ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Praz, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Hey Everybody,

    I've recently asked around on the forums on which gear brands people recomended.

    Scorpion Race Gear http://www.sc3.com.au/cart/?m_name=scorpion&m_id=268
    seems to have some great stuff at awsome prices....

    But who actually owns any of their stuff..

    Is it good, bad?
    Does it wear quickly?
    Is it comfortable?
    Was the service good?

    Please let me know.
  2. i have a couple of friends that have recently bought gear off them so they can't comment how quickly it wears. one guy had his custom fitted (he supplied his measurements) and as such says it fits like a glove. the other ordered a 'standard' size and as found out that his build fits in between a small and medium - he's taken to wearing a semi thick top underneath.

    both said that the service was excellent. don't know what else to tell you except that custom measurements seem to be the way to go.
  3. Talk to Coconuts, he had a full race suit and gloves I think. Said they were quite good.
  4. Well i was just about to go and put up a new post about these guys but seeming as there's already one here... i'll just add my $0.02. ;)

    Today was gloves shopping day, and after heading over to Elizabeth St knowning all too well that they should have a decent range, i took $100 smackers of hard earned (and not easily come by) dosh. Anything more than that and i just couldn't let it out of my hand in exchange for JUST gloves. Anyway, for the record my previous pair were just some cheapies i picked up a year and a bit ago for $50... i think their called Carbon Force or something. Anyway, their useless... and they wore through the thumb from the inside out in a little over 12 months!

    After hunting through all the Elizabeth St shops (Cosway Kwaka included), i gave up and headed for home; for the refuge of Netrider (and associated internet junkyness :p). Met Lil on the way out of Elizabeth St and she looked very happy that she's just picked up a pack rack for her Duke.

    Remembered looking at the Scorpion Race Gear the night before whilst e-shopping for gloves and decided to give Chris from SRG a call. Very helpful guy; i explained i was after some gloves and was hoping to get them this arvo. He asked what i was after, colour, style etc... and he said if i wanted to drop round in a couple of hours he could have a full box of various styles in blue & black (my leather colours) waiting for me.

    Dropped round and got to meet both Chris and Craig there. Both great guys; they've been running Scorpion Race Gear for a while now but it's recently been picking up for them.

    Anyway, tried on about 3 or 4 different pairs and narrowed it down to 2. Then went for the cheaper of the 2 as they were just as comfortable but looked a little less stylish. Nice carbon fibre knuckes protection, nice leather, double straps to do them up - all for $75! Considering the Alpinestar SP2's id tried on were about as comfortable but these ones actually fit me properly i knew i'd found my bargain. Thanked them both very much for helping me out on such short notice, paid my dues, and left for home.

    I'll definitely be going back there for leather pants very soon. Although if only i could stretch the budget a little more i'd be going for a full 2 piece. I had a quick look at them on the rack and they looked really impressive for the price ($250 with sliders, $220 without)!

    Definitely worth giving them a call for gear. Especially someone just starting up. I'd MUCH rather have paid $220 for leather pants without sliders than $200 for Draggins.
    Scorpion Race Gear Webiste
  5. Holy craptacular Batman! Never heard of them before. I think I know where Ill be buying some pants from in the near future :)
  6. yep, i got my new jacket off them about a month back.

    chris seems a top guy and the product is top notch :thumbup: :D
  7. yup, quite good stuff, definately priced well under the quality :wink:

    they seem to have raised prices a bit tho, i guess undercutting the competition isn't as much of a priority anymore now that they have a more solid base. anyways, good for them, sounds like they've got the foothold they needed, it can only mean more good cheap gear for all of us :D

    service, dont know what they're like now, i bought stuff from them when it was called race master imports and it was just craig doing it. he wasn't so hot on the e-mail (not the most PC literate bloke around) but friendly as on the phone and even more so in person :) i can only imagine that the new bloke chris would be similar to deal with.

    i've said it before, the gear is nothing on dainese etc. but then, it costs a fraction of that stuff too. if you've got the bucks to spend, you'll get comfier, better put together gear from the top brands, BUT on a budget, you cant go past them. how can you argue with a full set of leathers that cost you the same as textile gear? :shock:
  8. 9 out of 10 pocket bike riders wouldn't wear anything else, eh Coconuts? :LOL: :wink: :LOL:
  9. quiet you, i wore it on the road..... once :oops:

    hows the suit going there, finished wearing through the knees yet? :p
  10. Er...haven't worn it yet. :cry:

    Most of my riding the past few months has been commuting, so I've been in the Joe Rockets and Draggins. And it's been a bit cold & wet of late!

    But Spring is (supposedly) here, and I should be getting some more time on weekends. And I just got new tyres fitted to the Across, so who knows - maybe the sliders will see some action! :LOL:
  11. yeah, the amount of leathers days are getting more and more now :D i totally understand not wearing them though some of the crap we've had revently, theres much better gear around for that :)
  12. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners

    Underdog leathers has good stuff, and gives a 10% members discount :)
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  14. Scorpion Race Gear

    I recently purchased a one piece suit through Chris of Scorpion race gear, we got to talking about how he started out. Apparently Racemaster Imports was a small business that craig started out and has nothing to do with Scorpion Race gear. Scorpion Race gear is the the result of months of research and hard work to design a quality product for serious bike riders to wear. Chris explained to me he races a Superbike himself and would never wear a crap product. He values his skin too much. Scorpion is not a cheap product but is a cheaper alternative. Chris also said that all genuine Scorpion products are be labelled as such. :D :D :D :D
  15. Re: Scorpion Race Gear

    Edit: Post removed.
  16. Scorpion Race Gear

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has a phone number or address for Scorpion Race Gear.

    I have noticed that they have gotten some good reviews and would like to have a look at maybe getting some leather pants from them.

    I have tried emailing and using their website to no avail.

    If anyone could let me know their details it would be much appreciated.


  17. PM Coconuts - he may have their contact details.
  18. the guys' working hours tend to revolve around where and when they're racing... i know chris is racing at PI this weekend... maybe they've left already? i have their number somewhere but can't find it... if it turns up i'll PM you.

    it might also pay to check out eBay - they sell a few items per week on there and is a good opportu nity to pick stuff up at an even cheaper price ;)

    their eBay user name is: raceyzfr1
  19. I will also be buying a set of their two piece leathers within the next month or so.
    Value for money, they can't be beaten IMHO.
    Please PM me their number too :wink:
    Daz. :wink:
  20. Search is your friend.
    Here's a link to the previous thread that i contributed to about Scorpion Race Gear. To summarise - they're great guys, and it's damn good value for money.


    edit: Damn, i just looked but i've lost/deleted the email i had with their contact details in it.