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Got Rice??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Holster, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. That first pic has to be a joke.

    There's no chance you'd spend that much time and money without tubbing the guards and getting monster rims
    (or buying a gun and shooting yourself.)
  2. that is so stupid!
    each to his/her own though.
  3. I thought i recognized the first body kit, and then wondered about the wheels...
    The Renault 5 is one of the best Euro cars I've ever been in... :grin:

    And what do you mean got rice? what you trying to say? :p
  4. Its not a renault its a replica of one of these


    Info Here http://www.6r4.net/6r4/history.html

    Rovers Group B car of the Eighties, I always wanted one when I was kid.

    Who wouldn't a 400 bhp, 4WD, mid engined, Metro
  5. the blue thing from the OP seems to have issues withthe rear wheels. The Rover further on doesn't have the same issue so somthing wierd is goping on.

    They were great little rally cars though...... i've alway preffered small nimble cars to big gas guzzling tanks though.