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Got rear ended today in a road rage incident...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ihaveduff, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Well i was riding up through bondi junction today, and went down a right hand turn filter to turn right, and decided i wanted to go straight (i changed my mind when i saw the traffic), so i hit the throttle and went infront of a car (not too closely - i don't have a death wish just yet) which upset the driver, who pulled dangerously close beside me with his window down and started screaming and abusing me, so i gave him the sorry wave and a thumbs up to apologise, and he came back in behind me because we were getting to an intersection, where the lights turned green and we went through.

    At that stage he started tailgating me within 30cm of my back wheel and was threatening to follow me home and beat me up, and was screaming to stop the bike, so i panicked, accelerated to get away from him and stopped...

    ...where he promptly rear ends me, gets out of the car (with his wife grabbing him to keep him in the car, think he might have hit her) and comes up to me and starts abusing me and threatening to hit me ("if my fkn wife wasn't here i'd fkn show you one you fkwit" "fkn L plater, have some fkn respect" "i'm gonna fkn knock you a new one"... blah blah blah)

    I stay calm about it, apologizing to him and trying to avoid the confrontation (I'm not a violent person, and i don't want to get done for assaulting an old man) so he storms back to his car and gets in and goes to run into me again, so i start my bike back up and pull into a driveway and he speeds off... Without giving me his details.

    I have his rego and a car description, and I've had a chat to the police and apparently i could be found at fault for stopping in a lane, so i havn't pressed for them to investigate, etc. However if he contacts the police and they contact me, i can lodge my statement which, if differing to his, would render it a "conflict of statements" and would be over... and i have no doubt that my story would be different to his :p

    So anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to re-align the rear wheel on a VTR250? And any tips on how to deal with grumpy old men? apart from getting them on a Harley :p
  2. Yes.

    Step 1: Get a baseball bat
    Step 2: Strap it to the back of your jacket
  3. should i mention NON violent (until i get something to hide my number plate...) :LOL:
  4. Sif. Big ass chain around your shoulder would do the trick.
  5. hehehe i will when i get my chain changed... ghostrider style :cool:

    ... wonder if my skull would catch fire?? :LOL:
  6. what was the dumb idiot going to do punch you in the helmet? head butt that mother fcuker, stupid cagers, and while your at it a knee to the nutts, quick jump on bioke and make a mile or several
  7. I would be taking the bastard for all I could get, if he rear ends you, he is in the wrong. Also give him the L Plate, tell him it stands for looser...
  8. apparently i could be found in the wrong for stopping in the middle of the lane without cause (or some bullshit like that)... and i don't want to lose my license! i'm only on my L's :p

    speedfreak.. if only i had my normal gloves on... with their metal (looking) knuckle plates... probably would have backed him down lol
  9. jeez, as if it's not dangerous enough already without idiots deliberately trying to kill you.

    Good that you told the Police, I still think you're best off taking your chances with their interpretation of your lane change than to leave it and allow this violent monster escape scot-free...

    Keep us up to date, eh?
  10. man i swear to god if someone did that to my bike even if i did deserve it, i'd beat them into an inch of their life.
  11. you didnt want to hurt an old man? sounds like you shit yourself and last thing you were thinking of was having a crack.
  12. you were assaulted with a deadly weapon. go to the police NOW and push it as far as you can. DO NOT let hot-headed idiots get away with this crap. even if you are found responsible for the accident, you could more than empty hiss wallet for your own personal damages.
  13. will do mate :) ... if the police contact me i'll press for a ticket. Bastard scared the living christ out of me though!!... i would have gone down if it was 5 minutes later... it started raining again, and that road's bloody slippery!
  14. He rear ended you. He is guilty of Negligent Driving.
    Is there any damage to the rear of your bike? Get it checked. Could be wheel bearing, brake or swingarm bearing damage that is not evident to the naked eye.
  15. Im not a voilent person either but if i feel threatened i will stand up.
    It doesnt matter how angry they are, think about it, you are in full riding gear.Keep the visor down and fight as dirty as you can, i recomend aiming for the nuts or throat as a first target, i would never start anything but in your case he was more than asking for it.
  16. and this is true too.
    your bike could be written off?!?! you just dont know what is bent.

    also note that even if you stop in your lane, any other road user is to be far enough behind you to react. this places him in the wrong. also the fact that he was tailgating, and acting in a manner dangerous including threatening you. tell me that you are not going to be nervous next time you hit the road??

    i would not be leaving the police station until the wanker had been brought in.
  17. doesnt matter if you stopped in lane for no reason it other drivers responsibilty not to hit you, if you rear end someone dead on your at fault there is no other interpertaion of it
  19. Ring the police back and push it, I reckon they threatened you with a ticket to put you off causing them more paperwork. Get it into court.
  20. +1 (well almost)

    OK. you made a poor choice. Once in the right turn lane, you should have stayed there and committed, but to have that sh*t happen? Especially after acknowledging your mistake to the driver.

    In Vic, "A person may use such force not disproportionate to the objective to prevent the comission or completion of an indictable offense"

    Assualt is not actually a physical occurance. I'ts a state of mind. If you have been threatened or feel threatened, then you are "under assault" and can take measures to defend yourself (using equal/not disproportionate force) because it's an indictable offence under the crimes act.
    If he threatened to hit you, you can hit him to defend yourself. At a point of law, you don't need to have him throw the first punch as you're not under a burden of "proof" , merely a requirement to show reasonably that you felt physically threatened. And although I'm not a violent person either, I'd sure as hell give the f*cker a nudge if it happened to me.

    just my .02c

    PS: Definitely go back to the Police. They're surely just blowing you off to save on paperwork!! :grin: