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Got rear ended by a Semi Trailer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. And I was lucky me and the bike were unscathed!
    Totally my fault I split up to the front of the traffic but was totally in the truckie's blind spot as i was sitting in front of him waiting for the lights to turn green.
    He saw the traffic stop at the intersection, but not knowing the light sequence he nudged forward into me anticipating a change to green which doesn'[t happen for another 40 seconds or so..
    He nudged my top box and luckily I was in neutral with the hand on the brake as it allowed me to roll forward rather than under.
    It was then I began banging his rather huge grill and he stopped.
    Managed to stop and look at the bike no damage at all
    He was stopped at the next set of lights I split up to him and he apologises about not seeing me but also stated I was in his blind spot; fair enough he had a point.
    I said "I'm just glad ya stopped!"
    All's well that ends well but I think he got the bigger fright than me.

  2. You're lucky your bike and you didn't become purée...
  3. :shock: YIKES, that sounded bad, thankfully it wasn't!!!!
  4. Speaking from personal experience- it aint fun... and not a subject to take lightly...
  5. who said I took it lightly?

    I'm just glad it was a very slow speed contact.
    That bmw can take quite a knock and all i felt was a nudge by a huge monster with cattle on the back.
    Nothing lightly to be taken I'm just glad the outcome was as it was.
  6. very lucky indeed.
    i have every confidence that any one of my truck drivers would have squished you and not noticed :shock:
  7. I knew there was some hostility out there about the Mods on this forum, but, this is taking it a bit far, isn't it???
  8. you arent referring to my post are you?
    i was making a quip about the average intelligence of my truckies :LOL:
  9. FFS Smee :shock:
    Glad to hear You're ok .. very lucky indeed
  10. We had to hire the blo#dy truck for the whole day and we could only find one of you............. :evil:

    :LOL: :p
  11. no, mate, just about someone trying to wipe out smee :LOL:......
  12. lmao!

    jesus christ. i have this mental image of smee half turned around on his bike, smashing a cast alloy bull bar on a truck, yelling through his helmet, not able to fully look up at the driver because... ITS A BLOODY TRUCK.

    smee. perhaps less banging next time and more moving.

    *rolls on the groun*
  13. just going back through the archives, and a thread that was once in site discussion, did the driver look like this? :-k
    :rofl: :p :bolt:
  14. Har har folks :p

    I put it down to the lights still being red rather than anything else.
    Should buy a lotto ticket I reckon.
  15. glad you're ok,

    me i usualy stay atleast 5m behind any big vehicles.. incase they do a little roll back when they releaase their brakes.
  16. Did you do any damage to his grill? Fancy punching a truck ya big bully. :LOL:

    Glad you're ok mate. :)
  17. next time carry some heat and release some lead real quick *Fire truck*

    He just gave you a nudge hey *unf*blvble*

    Youre cool about ill give you that, but hye I guess no harm done hey.
  18. say wha...?
  19. Just good drugs, Joel.
  20. Well I was in his blind spot so he didn't see me till I was banging on his grill and rolled forward.
    Had the lights turned green I would have been gone before he noticed but he anticipated the lights wrongly.
    My fault though i wasn't visible to him.
    As he said later he got quite a fright, as for me I was more surprised and a touch pissed off at myself to be scared.